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I took a career questionnaire in middle school, to give a general idea of work that I might enjoy based on the results.
I'll never ever forget when I read my printout - my two most ideal jobs were LOGGER/LUMBERJACK or TRUCK DRIVER.

At least I have a collection of plaid shirts. Time to start on the rugged manly facial hair.
I'm yellin TIMBER. You better move. You better dance.
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My usual spot is a tiny indie/hipster bar in good ol glitter gultch, downtown Vegas.
I went to highschool just down the street. I know the neighborhoods around there, where I park my piece of shit car and walk. I have friends that still live there, in those little houses surrounded by dirt lots and abandoned buildings that are home to crazy hobos and stray cats.
Don't judge me. )
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"Hey, wanna make out?" "Oh shit, I mean hang out?!" "I uhh.. made this weird, didn't I?"

I don't want to write about professional things. So I won't.

I ran into some old friends from high school while walking around at First Friday.
"This girl here, she's like a vampire or some shit. FUCK. She never fucking ages. What's it been, 15 years? You look EXACTLY the same."
"Nooo.. I changed my hair." (I point to it, to emphasize)
"Seriously, what the fuck. You look the same every time I see you."

Ahhh.. damn, I've been found out. Time to move north, perhaps to Seattle or Forks.
Oh wait, but there's not enough goddamn glitter.

Still doing what I do. Nothing much has changed the last few months.
But I guess that's normal, since I'm an immortal undead creature of the night.

Still a better love story than Twilight.
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I was going through old photos from the last few years, and found this one, one of my favourites.
Remember face painting?
[I am wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch navy t-shirt, Hollister white skort, Metropark wood saint bracelet, and kitty ears.]

What suits the Abercrombie & Fitch image better than tacky face painting and cosplay cat ears?
YEAH TAKE THAT, Abercrombie! PBBT!! Don't know what I'm talking about?
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The other animal resident of this house happens to be my little brother's cat, Jack.
On occasion, he'll venture into my room to demand attention from me.

When I was young, I rescued a kitten from a shelter. He was feisty, and wild as a baby, clawing up my arms and chest as I carried him to the car. But he was small and soft and at night he would curl up next to my neck, purring.
I named him Daedalus, which was later shortened to DaeCat, which became something of a play on Descartes. My friends who met him immediately asked if Dae was short for Daemon.
He was an evil cat. I've often told stories about him clawing open cupboards at night, tearing up and eating whole bags of chips or loaves of bread in the dark - of when I'd walk into the kitchen in the morning to find a bread massacre all over the floor, and there at the scene of the crime, my stupid cat, laying on his side, too fat to move.

In other news, today is the day that [personal profile] astah boards an airplane departing Guangzhou and returns to America.
My time here in Las Vegas is winding down, and I never thought I'd be as happy as I am, to leave it.
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I've been interacting a lot with LVA alumni lately, as well as my old teachers and staff.
Taken from my 1997 yearbook:
[Yep, that's me, a freshman in high school. LOL]

Der Unterschied zwischen einem Level 1 Deutsch Klasse und einem Level 2 Deutschkurs.
Ich war in der Klasse, die wie insgesamt Narren fungiert.
Entschuldigen Sie mein schlechtes Sprechen der deutschen Sprache. Ich lutsche.

I like how the first class was composed and proper for the yearbook photo, and our class was acting like a bunch of clowns, with the concerned teacher frowning down at us.

I'll at least leave you with a clever quote.
"Sometimes I think the surest sign that intelligent life exists elsewhere in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us."
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September is a hard month for me.
Thoughout my life, a lot of horrible things have happened to me during the month of September.
Something about the fall and coming of winter makes my world a cold place.
The heat of summer burns bright, purging everything. But in winter, everything slows to a halt and is frozen over. And its often then, that I am left behind, or hurt, and I find myself alone, encased in ice until spring.
I wonder if my brain has developed some sort of aversion to this season. Something subconscious and entirely mental, keeping me wary of harsh and sad events to come.
Perhaps the waning daylight leads to darker thoughts.

Fall in Tokyo 2011
[Fall in Tokyo, 2011]

One really good thing I look forward to this month is the legendary Vogue September issue. Almost a thousand pages of fashion, makeup, and art. Simple pleasures.
I was flipping through photos, reading, when I came across a picture of one happy little white puppy and a three-page article - Ann Patchett's eulogy for her dog, Rose.
"I would not be making my point, which is that the death of my dog hit me harder than the deaths of many people I have known..."
"I came to realize in the months following Rose's death, months that I referred to myself as being in the ditch, that there was between me and every person I had ever loved some element of separation, and I had never seen it until now. There had been long periods spent apart from the different people I loved, due to nothing more than circumstances. There had been arguments and disappointments, for the most part small and easily reconciled, but over time people break apart, no matter how enormous the love they feel for one another is, and it is through the breaking and the reconciliation, the love and the doubting of love, the judgment and then the coming together again, that we find our own identity and define our relationships.
Except that I had never broken from Rose. I had never judged her or wanted her to be different..."

Perhaps I'm being too gloomy. I should take a nap in a warm patch of sunlight with Katie. And yes, I actually do that sometimes. Simple pleasures.
But right now, I'm tired. Now is time to say goodnight moon.

"Sometimes love does not have the most honorable beginnings, and the endings, the endings will break you in half. It's everything in between we live for."
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Posted 31 July 2011:
"Who is awesome enough to get thrown out of a bar at their highschool reunion for being too drunk? ME!"

Overall, it was a great night (until I got thrown out). I wore school colours, teal and silver - go LVA! Woo! I got free drinks (my friend Tiffany knocked me in to the pool, seriously, who actually does that?). And I got to see lots of old childhood friends and acquaintances.
Dorky Dave drank till he dropped, literally, he totally fell out of his chair.
And the photographers enjoyed taking pictures of me dancing and acting a fool. A miserable wet fool - thanks Tiffany!
Everyone was amazed at how I hadn't changed at all since school. Which I have to admit, was the most perfect reunion I could have imagined.

Today, I'm going to spend the day packing and preparing to leave the city that I have lived in 2/3 of my life. I'm sorting all my belongings in to two piles - TAKE and GIVE AWAY. Its heartbreaking, but at the same time, exulting. I feel relieved and elated to be rid of material belongings, to move on with a chance at a clean slate, and a fresh start.
I have often found myself saying to other people who had cried at me about losing their phone, breaking their computers, ripping their new pants, etcetera, "They are just things."

I'm excited for this leap to an overbearingly religious city, with a stinking cesspool of a lake (see previous post). No, I really mean it.
I recently read an interview of a SLC fashion designer, "I don’t have to wear couture. I don’t have to have the latest. I’m not superficial about it. What I love is the artistry of it. Clothing is just what people put on their bodies to keep from being naked, to keep their butts from scraping on rocks when they sit down…but fashion is what you have to say about it, expressively and responsively."
Most fashion falls in to two base categories: utility (cover, modesty, or protection from elements), and for identity (uniforms and corporate apparel). The third is beauty (something with no purpose other than vanity), and sadly, not as popular.
What really tickled me - "I took my mom’s square dancing petticoat, sewed giant sequins all over it, and wore it to school once. I think the kids told me it was the “devil’s clothes”."
Check out her store here: Haus of Mirth or drop by Unhinged, 1121 E. 2100 S in Sugarhouse (free parking in back).
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I was so tired, I was putting things in the hamper this morning to wash, and I threw my laundry in the toilet.
In other news, I am on phase 2 of my shoe project.
When I was in highschool, my art teacher said I had an unhealthy preoccupation with glitter. He became so irritated at my obsession with including glitter on my projects, that he often lectured me, stating that glitter would only hold me back as an artist, and could possibly be my downfall. Throughout my years of education, he was far from being the only one who didn't approve.

Well, now I'm producing my most treasured and popular design - a glitter covered shoe - and I have never been so excited over a project. The irony is almost palpable.
What colours would you like to see on a shoe?
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I have worn lipstick since I was 11. My first was a fluorescent shocking pink in 6th grade. STFU, that was popular back then.
At the Hello Dance that year, I went to the restroom with my friends, giggling and running, like all idiot 11 year olds at a party. I looked in the mirror and proceeded to reapply my hot pink lipstick, and glanced over at a girl on my right, and then started to stare. She was smothering her face with Cover Girl foundation, drawing in her eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. She looked at me. I'm not sure what sort of face I made at her.
She scoffed, looking at the lipstick in my hand, and said out loud, "You know, I only wear makeup that matches my natural face."
And I laughed, and exclaimed. "Why even wear makeup then?!"
I didn't see her expression or hear any reply - my friends were talking, pulling me out the door and back to the party. It didn't even occur to me to use makeup to look natural. Why use makeup to hide something? What was there to hide? Shouldn't makeup be for adding colour?
Its okay, I figured it all out later. I do still feel the same way though.

For the next 10 years I'd wear a wide range of colours from pastel pink to metallic purple to straight black. (I was gothic lolita in highschool, you wouldn't believe how much fun I had with that)
Sometime after I turned 20, I started liking colours that were paler than my natural lips. Golds and soft nudes. I still love the look of dark eyes and pale lips. I tried back in 2010 to wear a bright pin-up girl red lipstick. It looked so gross.

Here is my small lipstick collection:
L'Oreal's Infallible Le Rouge, in Opulent Organza.
This goes on silky smooth, and dries to a satin finish, and it lasts forever. I use this one super often, even sometimes as a base for other colors.

L'Oreal's Colour Riche, in Golden Splendor.
People complain a lot about these lipsticks, but I think they are wonderful. I love the smell of these, its like faint sweet perfume, and not offensive to my nose. This is a soft golden sheen, simple and pretty. I've used this particular color for many years.

And my NYX lippies. These are some of the best cheapy lipsticks out there. They have ultra high pigmentation, smooth texture, and a sweet floral scent. They have no real staying power, so you'll have to reapply after a cup of tea, but they look wonderful enough to overlook the lifespan.
I initially only picked up some of the more popular colours for photoshoots and runway shows, but I do intend to extend my collection with some personal exploration (trial and error) someday.

1. Strawberry Milk
This is a milky pastel pink. This is a sweet girly colour, and is a lot more flattering on paler skintones. This one is trickier with me, I wear this more often in the winter, with pink clothing. I add a little blush, and keep the eye makeup bright and youthful.
2. Indian Pink
This is a pale coral-ish pink-orange with a golden sheen. This one is a surprisingly beautiful colour that suits nearly any occasion, and looks lovely on any skintone. I often use this one if I'm in a hurry and undecided. The shimmer makes this one easy to maintain, and doesn't require any sort of base or gloss.
3. Orange Soda
This is a solid nude tone with a hint of orange cream. This is one of my favourite nude lipsticks. I layer this one over the L'Oreal Infallible, because these matte colours tend to sink in to the lines on my lips unless there's a base beneath it. This is gorgeous with a clear gloss over it.
4. Circe
This is a simple and perfect nude lipstick. I love almost all of the NYX nude colour palette! It was very difficult to just pick one.
5. Earth Angel
This one I chose purely for me. I love gold and copper coloured lips, and this is the perfect shimmery gold. This is almost sheer but deliciously metallic. This is my party lipstick, for nightlife and dancing, paired with super dark eyeshadow, it gives a mysterious creature-of-the-night aura. And I do love scaring the boys.
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I have always believed in spirits, ever since I had any concept of life, or the absence thereof.
Of all the photographs I took while in Europe, this is one of my favourites.
Summer 1999 in Europe
This was a graveyard we walked by. Note the creepy ghostly mist. :D

I told [personal profile] astah that we should have a YouTube channel, in which we post videos of us visiting haunted places, getting really scared in the dark, and running around screaming like bitches. That would be awesome.
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When going through boxes, I recently found the photographs I took when I visited Europe, about 13 years ago.
Summer 1999 in Europe
They are bad quality (they were never digital either), and I haven't ever deluded myself into thinking that I'm a photographer. I took these when I was 15. So don't hate.
Summer 1999 in Europe
There I am, on the right. I just look absolutely thrilled!!

Anyhow, they can be viewed on Flickr if you are so inclined.
Summer 1999 in Europe


24 June 2012 03:54 pm
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Its been almost 4 years since we graduated college together. In school we were the inseparable duo of constant giggling, talking, passing notes, drawing ugly pictures of the teacher, and otherwise generally bad behavior.
One teacher spotted me in the hallway alone one day, and said, "What is this? I've never seen such a thing. Where is the other one?"

But you know what, we had the most talent, most vision of our classmates. So while other groups fought and bickered over who would press the piping or what colors to use, we worked calmly with coordination and cooperation, allocating tasks to whomever had the most skill. We knew what we were doing.
At first, the teachers raised an eyebrow at our concept sketches, always doubtful. By our second year, the teachers didn't bother with approval. They simply knew we could do it.
Our runway pieces were always the most impressive, our designs always opened shows.
Our ambition was what made us incompatible with the current market. We didn't design t-shirts, athletic wear, kicks or jeans. And perhaps that was our downfall.
I've been told, "If you have a good design, something new and innovative, nobody will like it. You'll have to cram it down their throats."

Afterwards we graduated, moved apart. We both had lives, bills to pay, mouths to feed - a creative hiatus of sorts.
But now, we are ready to team back up, and work on a collection for next year, together. He has an artistic disposition and dramatic flair, meaning I'll have to kick his ass. But I'm truly excited. I don't know how many long-distance fashion design teams there are in the world. But we'll manage with Skype and Priority Mail.

Welcome to the DECK design team, Ernest. :D
IADT 02/2007
[IADT campus, February 2007]
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The long-awaited package arrived from China:
Included were a crazy glass mug, t-shirts emblazoned with bad English (I'll post some pics later), a Color Capi dress, iPhone accessories, and lots of candies (I started eating them, so not many were left by the time I took the picture). I loooove candy and I love getting packages.
Thanks [personal profile] astah! ❤

It reminds me, back in September of 2007, I received a package from Italy.
And the sender included a ton of European candies and goodies, which I absolutely had to dig through and eat immediately.
None of them were in English, so I kinda guessed.. caramelle colate jenza zucchero, I figured was a caramel hard candy.. and alpenliebe gusto menthe mix.. I knew had to be some kind of creamy mint.. and galatine con pezzi di cioccolato was probably a chocolate hard candy.. And I announce aloud, "Hey! I'm not that bad at this!"
Then I came across 5 of these strange looking candies, wrapped in wax paper.. on the outside, it said nothing but Sapo.
I bit down on one. Bleeeegggch! NASTY!!#%#@!
That's because it was a piece of soap!!
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Hey there Papa, its been several months. I didn't forget, I just needed time.
I would post a picture of you, but I have none that I can find.
Mom never did forgive you, but I did, I just never got a chance to tell you.

Rest in peace, Papa.
You taught me that the heart wants what it wants. That children are your legacy, and the life you give them continues, even after you are gone.
And I agree, that maybe we all are born a few hundred years too late. That waking up at sunrise makes you feel alive. And that eating spicy food or drinking liquor "will put hair on your chest".

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