15 May 2013

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"Hey, wanna make out?" "Oh shit, I mean hang out?!" "I uhh.. made this weird, didn't I?"

I don't want to write about professional things. So I won't.

I ran into some old friends from high school while walking around at First Friday.
"This girl here, she's like a vampire or some shit. FUCK. She never fucking ages. What's it been, 15 years? You look EXACTLY the same."
"Nooo.. I changed my hair." (I point to it, to emphasize)
"Seriously, what the fuck. You look the same every time I see you."

Ahhh.. damn, I've been found out. Time to move north, perhaps to Seattle or Forks.
Oh wait, but there's not enough goddamn glitter.

Still doing what I do. Nothing much has changed the last few months.
But I guess that's normal, since I'm an immortal undead creature of the night.

Still a better love story than Twilight.

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