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I took a career questionnaire in middle school, to give a general idea of work that I might enjoy based on the results.
I'll never ever forget when I read my printout - my two most ideal jobs were LOGGER/LUMBERJACK or TRUCK DRIVER.

At least I have a collection of plaid shirts. Time to start on the rugged manly facial hair.
I'm yellin TIMBER. You better move. You better dance.
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So I am wardrobe attendant for Disney this weekend.
I had no previous knowledge of the show, costumes, timing or cue tracks.
Tonight during quick change a performer came running into the tent and shouted "Zip!" at me.
I unzipped his pants - when I was supposed to zip up his shirt.

Its pretty funny, now that I think.
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"has anyone really been for even as decided to use even go want to do look more like"

Okay... I'm pretty used to drunk messages and typos now, but what the hell is that?
Aside from a few rare cases where I can't even get the gist of a message, I don't even notice mistakes anymore - I read right over them. Everyone is always texting me from phones while driving or eating or taking a piss or something...

I spent my week pawing at vintage white silks, lace, crystals and pearls. I spent my entire Friday night sketching beaded headdresses and satin sashes. Miss Fancy Fancington is bored as hell and has decided she is going the fuck out this weekend and drinking.
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So, the boys are trying to impress one another by saying tongue twisters to a recording device. I overhear Jericho say, "Peter Piper pecked a pickle"
And because I'm the mature adult in this house, I totally burst into laughter.

I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies outside of the grocery store today, because this little girl followed me with big sad eyes, pleading, "Please!"
It says that these suckers are a whopping 160 calories (70 from fat, 5g of saturated fat) per serving.
SO, I will limit myself to 4 cookies a day, and feel bad for eating them.
I've been trying to get into shape, instead I'm eating tons of candy, ice cream, and cookies. SIGH.
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Today I punched the poor beau in the stomach. Harder than I had meant to. I immediately felt bad.
I believe I had mentioned upfront that I wasn't very girly, but sometimes my behavior is appalling even to myself.
Je suis vraiment désolé Scott. S'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi.

I've been busy culling the weaker pieces from my 2013 FW Collection. I called Ernest to talk about the beading on a few particular items and possibly drafting something of his own inspiration. All I heard was his wailing, "I've been planting cactuses FOREVER. ALL OVER THE PLACE. The tire on the wheelbarrow is totally flat! I thought this would take 2 hours, but NO, THERE ARE STILL CACTUSES EVERYWHERE."
LOL! I told him to call me back when he was done.

I think some of the last storm clouds that had been hovering overhead have finally cleared out.
The weather was so lovely today. The frozen world is melting, and the lamb has become more sapient drinking of the spring.
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Scott - tu me dois un appel téléphonique lorsque vous avez fini de se masturber.
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[personal profile] alice789: That's the one, methinks.  Starts out a bit weak, but that drop is what gets the pussy.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy?
[personal profile] alice789: FOR DAYS.
[personal profile] astah: i don't get it...
[personal profile] alice789: Shut up, I'm an elegant lady.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy for days?

I have sworn an oath that 2013 will be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.
My New Years Resolution is: To become rich and famous. (world domination will have to wait until next year)

I was adding things to my resolution list when this inner voice said, "I have so much to do that I barely have time to sleep. I'll do it later."
And then I really thought about it. When? When is later? And why did I think that later would be any different than right now?
There will never be more than 24 hours in a day. And there will always be a full menu of obligations and diversions to fill in those hours. That will never change.
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I've always dressed my babies.
But then last year, Jericho fought with me in the store, because I was going to buy him a gray sweater, and he wanted the bright purple one.
This last summer while clothing shopping, he brought me a pair of red-orange pants, and said, "I like these." I eyed them skeptically, and said, "Try them on."
He did, and you know what, he was right. To my surprise, the orange pants looked good.

I realized then, that children want to wear certain clothes and styles, and I shouldn't stop them - that's part of being young, and I'll allow it to the full extent - while they can still get away with it.
When I was young, I wore all sorts of crazy shit. I'd be a demon to deny this of them.

The boys have decided that they will choose which clothes I buy for them, and dress themselves entirely from now on.
So when Rowan picked out a green shirt with a yellow vest and red stripe socks to wear, I cringed, but didn't argue with him about it.
And this morning, Jericho wore mismatched plaids (they often wear some sort of mismatched plaid or stripe pattern in contrast colours). I said, "Is that what the kids are wearing these days?" He reassured me it would be fine.

Maybe I've just gotten old. I look at some of these fashions and just can't understand why. I was discussing this with my model friend, Laurel, at dinner a few years back.
Drop-crotch harem pants in hot pink leopard print, on a man? We saw these at MAGIC, and mused if they would be popular. She told a tale of the booth next to hers, filled with girls dancing in sequin bras.
I replied, "I don't get it anymore. One day, my kids will walk up to me, in drop-crotch harem pants and sparkly bra tops, and I'll wail, "Jericho, what are you wearing?""
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Earlier today, my neighbor caught me talking to the flowering plants outside.

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I was so tired, I was putting things in the hamper this morning to wash, and I threw my laundry in the toilet.
In other news, I am on phase 2 of my shoe project.
When I was in highschool, my art teacher said I had an unhealthy preoccupation with glitter. He became so irritated at my obsession with including glitter on my projects, that he often lectured me, stating that glitter would only hold me back as an artist, and could possibly be my downfall. Throughout my years of education, he was far from being the only one who didn't approve.

Well, now I'm producing my most treasured and popular design - a glitter covered shoe - and I have never been so excited over a project. The irony is almost palpable.
What colours would you like to see on a shoe?
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The long-awaited package arrived from China:
Included were a crazy glass mug, t-shirts emblazoned with bad English (I'll post some pics later), a Color Capi dress, iPhone accessories, and lots of candies (I started eating them, so not many were left by the time I took the picture). I loooove candy and I love getting packages.
Thanks [personal profile] astah! ❤

It reminds me, back in September of 2007, I received a package from Italy.
And the sender included a ton of European candies and goodies, which I absolutely had to dig through and eat immediately.
None of them were in English, so I kinda guessed.. caramelle colate jenza zucchero, I figured was a caramel hard candy.. and alpenliebe gusto menthe mix.. I knew had to be some kind of creamy mint.. and galatine con pezzi di cioccolato was probably a chocolate hard candy.. And I announce aloud, "Hey! I'm not that bad at this!"
Then I came across 5 of these strange looking candies, wrapped in wax paper.. on the outside, it said nothing but Sapo.
I bit down on one. Bleeeegggch! NASTY!!#%#@!
That's because it was a piece of soap!!
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my iphone

FUCK YOU iPhone!! Stop correcting my words! I know what I am spelling, you stoooopid batch.

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