8 January 2013

alice789: (windy)
[personal profile] alice789: That's the one, methinks.  Starts out a bit weak, but that drop is what gets the pussy.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy?
[personal profile] alice789: FOR DAYS.
[personal profile] astah: i don't get it...
[personal profile] alice789: Shut up, I'm an elegant lady.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy for days?

I have sworn an oath that 2013 will be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.
My New Years Resolution is: To become rich and famous. (world domination will have to wait until next year)

I was adding things to my resolution list when this inner voice said, "I have so much to do that I barely have time to sleep. I'll do it later."
And then I really thought about it. When? When is later? And why did I think that later would be any different than right now?
There will never be more than 24 hours in a day. And there will always be a full menu of obligations and diversions to fill in those hours. That will never change.

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