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This is me, most days.

We do the dance right. We have got it made like ice cream topped with honey. But we got no money.
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[White and silver holo glitter, & OPI clear top coat]

Snowy nails for the winter holiday! Woot.
I like how this could almost pass for french tips at a distance. Its subtle and simple.

I have a tradition (since Jericho was born) of buying one fancy ornament every Christmas - photos of my new ornament will come later when I actually have my tree up and decorated (because I don't).

I'll be spending the next three weeks painting and sorting out my life! Everything is CHAOS!

My new ornament.
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Autumn ombré nails.
It is surprisingly easy to accomplish this effect, and has earned me many compliments.
Ombré nails!  Happy Thanksgiving!
[Shisem gold polish base with a dash of orange and red fine holo glitter.]
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Lantana flowers, just outside my window. These grow all over town. Most people overlook them, walk past them, or even step on them. But they are these prolific tiny little bursts of colour and beauty that I've always marveled at.


Lantana flowers

And here is my last nail swatch for a long time:
Parrot by Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure.
I've been fairly happy with this particular brand. I received Right Said Red as a gift last year (a very pretty red, if that is your thing). The brushes on these are wide, flat, and short, with a rounded edge. The formula has dreamy leveling abilities and dries to a glossy finish. Parrot reminds me of taffy candy in the bottle. It dries quickly on my nails to a very solid apple green colour.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Parrot
[Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Parrot]
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I will never buy pore strips again. Not that I buy them regularly - but I glanced at these in the store just a few days ago, and was disgusted by how expensive they were - Seriously? For something I put on my face and tear off?
This made me remember hearing some older ladies talking a few years back, about using Elmer's glue as a facial peel or as an alternative to pore strips. At the time, I shrugged, because people will always look for alternatives, for example, a guy friend in high school said, "Sticking a piece of really good tape to your face and ripping it off has nearly the same effect, right?"
No. Not really...
But I've heard of this Elmer's glue method a few times recently, and a Google search confirms:

"You know those strips you can buy to remove blackheads and dirt from your face? Yep, they're not cheap. There is another way to achieve the same results and at a cost of pennies, or less. It's Elmer's Glue. You heard me, good old fashioned Elmer's Glue that most of us grew up using for one thing or another.
Apply a layer of glue on your face, concentrating on the nose area if that is a problem area for you. Let it dry completely and peel off as you would with a peel-off mask. Rinse what residue doesn't come off when peeling. Feel your skin. Pretty nice… huh? Follow with a toner if you like.

Elmer's Glue disclaimer: When using Elmer's Glue as a beauty treatment, one should make sure they are not allergic to the product. While I don't know the statistics of "Elmer's Glue allergy," there is a chance that someone, somewhere, is allergic to the stuff. Also, I would like to add that when applying glue to your face, it is not advisable to apply glue anywhere near the eyes to prevent the possibly hazardous "Glued Eye Syndrome." Likewise - for the mouth area."

So this morning, while waiting for my car, I tried this out.
No joke, it works just as good as a pore strip. Yeah, it makes you look like an ASS. But it dries clear, peels off easily, and as far as I know, is non-toxic and safe for skin.
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Comebacks referencing body hair are always funny. Just FYI.

That reminds me, someone asked me at work what was a good mascara.
This was mildly important, because at this particular job, waltzing in with a face full of makeup was frowned upon.
Let me first say this: I don't wear mascara often. If I want to have lashes for miles, I wear fake ones.
I have pathetic weeny lashes, short and sparse. I was born that way. But my lashes are naturally dark and I don't spend much time flapping my eyelids at boys (who honestly can't tell the difference most of the time anyway).
I would suggest investing in an eyelash curler, and using that. Much less messy.

My unprofessional and inexperienced recommendations for mascara are as follows:

DIORSHOW ICONIC - This is what all the models raved about back when I was in college. I purchased a small tube of this, and they were right, its magical. This formula is smooth, natural looking, clump-free, and waterproof. This won't give you ultra dramatic party volume though, and if that is what you want, wear fake lashes.

CLINIQUE High Impact Mascara - This is not waterproof, so it causes panda eyes. If you are going out on a sunny day, nowhere near water, and with no threat of crying or rubbing your eyes, then this one is great. It is thick and coats well, but does like to wander. Its cheaper than Dior, and has a little more kick, imho.

COVERGIRL Lash Blast Volume - This is a good cheapy drugstore backup. It gives good waterproof volume and goes on nicely, but can get clumpy if you fuss with it too much. My only complaint is the brush on this is clunky and huge, and if I'm in a hurry, I'll often graze my nose or eyelid and make a mess.

In the past, I've tried RIMMEL LASH MAXXX - yes, triple X. The brush on this one was like a little comb. No issue with clumping, ever.
And L'OREAL VOLUME SHOCKING - which comes with a gray primer, and another little comb wand to coat (I used the back of the wand to apply, as using the front clumped like crazy) and was impressed with the shocking volume but was tired of clumpy unnatural-looking lashes.
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I wanted glittery flashy nails this time around, so I went for a mermaid theme!

Mermaid theme nails!
[Passion in the Pacific by China Glaze]

This polish is aptly named. It is a metallic aqua teal that is fairly sheer and fast drying. The colour is pretty, and durable, but it doesn't coat well, so I added some holo tinsel, a dash of ultra fine, a few large hexagon cut glitters, and some trusty clear topcoat. I like how this turned out.
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I have often raved about Nivea's Kiss of Smoothness lip balm, so when I was skipping through the grocery store this morning, shiny gift card in hand, I noticed this new one - Kiss of Protection - boasting an SPF of 30, along with sunflower extract & vitamin E. I figured I'd pick it up and try it out, since the other (Kiss of Milk & Honey) was nice as well.
First off, the Kiss of Protection smells sweet and pretty but looks different from the others - it looks buttery. Application is thick, and not as smooth, because of the solidity. A glance in the mirror confirms my suspicion, this lip balm is opaque as well. I can see the creamy streaks on my lips, and while I'm sure this adds to the SPF protection, it looks like crap.
I figure it'll soak in and disappear, right? Not really.
It does soak in a little, as it dries out an hour later. (This works out fine if you have an hour to apply before anyone sees you) At least the amount of moisture is nice.
You could wear this one under lipstick, or tinted lip gloss, but the reason I wear highly protectant lip balm is so that I don't have to wear anything else.
I suppose this one will be okay for serious physical activity or elemental abuse, like ice fishing, mountain climbing, etcetera.
On the other hand, if you aren't chopping trees, hauling anchor, or scaling sheer rock cliffs, this one is probably not sensible.

[ EDIT: OKAY, so I have been trying to use this lip balm as much as possible these last few weeks, because I am greatly opposed to waste and I'm stubborn. I bought it, so I'm gonna use it, dammit. I have decided that the SPF on this is wasted, as it is best used as a lip conditioner overnight, or as a moisturizing base under creamy nude lipstick. ]

Oh, and yesterday I was gifted Sally Hansen's Complete Salon Manicure nail lacquer in Parrot. A taffy candy colour pastel green. This particular brand has been outstanding in application, so I have high hopes.
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I was in the mood for something different.
I usually only wear this colour for St Patricks.

China Glaze Four Leaf Clover
[Four Leaf Clover by China Glaze]

This polish is a creamy kelly green, slightly darker than the picture (taken at night, with flash). This one has a smooth thick texture and covers evenly in 2 coats. It is not exceptionally durable, so be sure to include some clear topcoat.
China Glaze Four Leaf Clover

[ EDIT: I take it back - this polish is utter crap in durability. It chips off of natural nails after a few days, even with topcoat. At least the colour is pretty. SIGH ]


8 August 2012 01:44 pm
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I finally got around to changing my nail colour, as well as swapping out the acrylic for short natural nails, I broke a few and haven't had the time to fix them.
I've been told repeatedly (starting with piano lessons when I was 10), short nails are professional nails, as where long nails are a big no no.
Later in college, my sewing teacher threw a fit looking at my acrylic nails, my stiletto heels, and my short skirt. "You couldn't possibly sew anything looking like that. Ridiculous!"
I proved her wrong.

That being said, short nails really ARE more practical and reasonable for almost everything that involves moving your fingers.
On to MY fingers:
Hot Pink!
[A florescent hot pink by SHISEM]
Neon colours never do photograph correctly! The picture of the bottle is closer to the actual tone.
I was pleasantly surprised by this brand. I plan to procure some of the other colours at some point in the near future. They can be picked up in China for cheap, but I've heard nice things. I got this colour for summer - its a very bright, pretty, solid pink with a bit of jelly. The formula is thick, creamy, and slow to dry. This is a problem because I tend to move around a lot and ruin nails. My solution is to apply the polish right before I lay out in the sun. I pick up a book, enjoy some sunshine, and I give my nails some time to dry.

EDIT: Aug 17th: Nearly 10 days later and this polish still looks great, only a minuscule chip on my index tip. This has marvelous staying power!!

Hot Pink by Shisem Nail Color
[This is a Korean nail polish, methinks]
This time while waiting for the polish to set, I finished up reading Twilight - I don't hate, I'm not a hater. I'm also not a critic. But I will admit that the characters in this book were dreadfully unrealistic, and completely inconsistent from one page to the next.
The impression I got, was that the writer was making up characters in their head, without actually basing them off of anything like a real breathing human being.
Overall, I don't hate it, or love it. I suppose if I were 20 years younger, this book may have been much more appealing. Why did I read it? Because its a part of the pop culture of this last decade and I was genuinely curious. I also bought it, in hardcover, from the used book store for 50 cents - about what it is worth.
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My favourite lotions:
(You should be aware of the benefits of collagen for skin. You should also avoid parabens and phthalates wherever possible.)
⋇ St. Ives makes a Collagen Elastin body lotion that I've used for years. It smells divine and makes skin silky smooth.
⋇ Le Couvent Des Minimes has a Honey and Shea nourishing hand cream that smells like sweet honey. It is a mouthwateringly delicious treat for dry hands.
⋇ Another staple of mine is J.R. Watkins Apothecary Lemon Cream Shea Butter. It is super thick, buttery, and smells like lemon frosted cake.

I suppose I really like sweet smelling stuff. After all, I also adore Comptoir Sud Pacifique's Vanille perfumes, as well as Prada's Candy.
I blame this on the fact that I never ate candy or sweets when I was little. I'm making up for it now.
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Lately I've been seeing a lot of people talk about their sudden desire to admire and respect all others, because all people deserve it. Or about how we all originate from the same cosmic matter and debris.

Here is a picture of me as I am now, at 6am. Au naturel, without makeup or anything.
This is the face of someone who wants to win. But what is it, that I'm competing against?
Just woke up. Good morning!
Its the face of a mother of two, who has been told she's too old to be a model - not what they are looking for. She often wonders why having children makes her less of a woman.
And its the same face she had over 2 decades ago when she was a bouncy 16 year old signing up for Miss Teen America - when she was told she was too short to be a real model. And she wondered even then, how a few inches in height (an uncontrollable factor, at that) could be so important in judging one's worth.

So I can't pose for pictures. So fucking what. How many times in my life have I been told I was beautiful? Enough times for me to believe it.
Who am I proving myself to? Who the hell decided I wasn't qualified to play this game in the first place?
If my eyes meet with another woman on the streets, do I think, "I am prettier than her," or perhaps, "She is really beautiful." I'm a competitive person by nature, I think nearly everyone is. But what is it that I want to win? Do I want admiration and respect? From strangers, from people I'll never meet? From the woman that I just passed on the sidewalk?

Yes, yes, that is what I want. I want the people who know me to see me really shine, to see what I'm truly capable of. I want to revel in the knowledge that those jerks who made fun of me, thought less of me, and said horrible things - that they will eat those words.
I want recognition, for my accomplishments - no matter how trivial and small they may be on a worldwide scale. So I haven't really changed nations, or the way people think. I haven't made many ripples in my little pond. But that doesn't mean I haven't been trying to do just that.

Maybe I'm just competing against myself. Against my surroundings and environment. Like the ancient man, wandering up and down, mind set on survival. Have we really changed so much from that cosmic matter that rained down on our earth so long ago? Do we all think differently, and yet the same?

Maybe someday I'll figure what it is I'm truly trying to win.
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I have worn lipstick since I was 11. My first was a fluorescent shocking pink in 6th grade. STFU, that was popular back then.
At the Hello Dance that year, I went to the restroom with my friends, giggling and running, like all idiot 11 year olds at a party. I looked in the mirror and proceeded to reapply my hot pink lipstick, and glanced over at a girl on my right, and then started to stare. She was smothering her face with Cover Girl foundation, drawing in her eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil. She looked at me. I'm not sure what sort of face I made at her.
She scoffed, looking at the lipstick in my hand, and said out loud, "You know, I only wear makeup that matches my natural face."
And I laughed, and exclaimed. "Why even wear makeup then?!"
I didn't see her expression or hear any reply - my friends were talking, pulling me out the door and back to the party. It didn't even occur to me to use makeup to look natural. Why use makeup to hide something? What was there to hide? Shouldn't makeup be for adding colour?
Its okay, I figured it all out later. I do still feel the same way though.

For the next 10 years I'd wear a wide range of colours from pastel pink to metallic purple to straight black. (I was gothic lolita in highschool, you wouldn't believe how much fun I had with that)
Sometime after I turned 20, I started liking colours that were paler than my natural lips. Golds and soft nudes. I still love the look of dark eyes and pale lips. I tried back in 2010 to wear a bright pin-up girl red lipstick. It looked so gross.

Here is my small lipstick collection:
L'Oreal's Infallible Le Rouge, in Opulent Organza.
This goes on silky smooth, and dries to a satin finish, and it lasts forever. I use this one super often, even sometimes as a base for other colors.

L'Oreal's Colour Riche, in Golden Splendor.
People complain a lot about these lipsticks, but I think they are wonderful. I love the smell of these, its like faint sweet perfume, and not offensive to my nose. This is a soft golden sheen, simple and pretty. I've used this particular color for many years.

And my NYX lippies. These are some of the best cheapy lipsticks out there. They have ultra high pigmentation, smooth texture, and a sweet floral scent. They have no real staying power, so you'll have to reapply after a cup of tea, but they look wonderful enough to overlook the lifespan.
I initially only picked up some of the more popular colours for photoshoots and runway shows, but I do intend to extend my collection with some personal exploration (trial and error) someday.

1. Strawberry Milk
This is a milky pastel pink. This is a sweet girly colour, and is a lot more flattering on paler skintones. This one is trickier with me, I wear this more often in the winter, with pink clothing. I add a little blush, and keep the eye makeup bright and youthful.
2. Indian Pink
This is a pale coral-ish pink-orange with a golden sheen. This one is a surprisingly beautiful colour that suits nearly any occasion, and looks lovely on any skintone. I often use this one if I'm in a hurry and undecided. The shimmer makes this one easy to maintain, and doesn't require any sort of base or gloss.
3. Orange Soda
This is a solid nude tone with a hint of orange cream. This is one of my favourite nude lipsticks. I layer this one over the L'Oreal Infallible, because these matte colours tend to sink in to the lines on my lips unless there's a base beneath it. This is gorgeous with a clear gloss over it.
4. Circe
This is a simple and perfect nude lipstick. I love almost all of the NYX nude colour palette! It was very difficult to just pick one.
5. Earth Angel
This one I chose purely for me. I love gold and copper coloured lips, and this is the perfect shimmery gold. This is almost sheer but deliciously metallic. This is my party lipstick, for nightlife and dancing, paired with super dark eyeshadow, it gives a mysterious creature-of-the-night aura. And I do love scaring the boys.
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I mentioned in a previous post that people joke that I don't age, but I think instead, that I'm pretty good at putting on makeup.

Here are my beauty secrets for skin:
Most days around the house, I am happy with my Nivea Touch of Smoothness lip balm, and just washing my face. LOL.
BUT If I'm going all out beauty, I do things differently.
I use a Dead Sea Salt Mineral Peel. This minimizes pores and keeps the skin even. I also like Bioré Pore Strips (even though I'm not sure they actually work).
Before applying makeup, I'll use a very thin layer of Skin79's BB Cream, sometimes just dabbing and buffing with my kabuki brush over problem areas. To deal with the awful dry summer heat here in Vegas, I have used Diorsnow, its a lovely moisturizer. I don't use it in conjunction with BB creams though.
As suggested by my model friend, Paul & Joe make an excellent moisturizing foundation primer. (all their stuff is pretty awesome, actually - They have kitty cat shaped lipsticks!)

Usually when I'm stressed with work I get ugly panda eye bags that make me look 90. :(
For years I tried a variety of products on the dark circles under my eyes to no avail, so I was happy to find something that did work - La Mer's Eye Concentrate. This is expensive, so I use it very sparingly.
Cosme Decorte makes a Moisture Lipsome Eye Cream that is fairly good as well.
I very recently started using SK-II products. The 'science' behind them is fascinating. Before bed or after a bath, I use SK-II Treatment Essence, Clear Lotion, and Lift Emulsion on any wrinkles or lines on my face. Awesome stuff, I love it.

I blasted away freckles that appeared (I call them age spots) under the corner of my eyes with Ambi Fade Cream (I've posted about it before because I love it). It smells pretty, the texture is soft and creamy, it goes on easily and soaks in to my skin. I've wondered about using skin whiteners during the summer, when I spend a lot of time outside, tanning, and enjoying sunshine, but so far I haven't had any trouble with odd discolouration or blotches. I'm thankful that my skin gets along with me for most part.

Bare Escentuals Bare Mineral Makeup. This is the foundation I use - it is magical. I only use loose powder mineral foundations. This brand included a mini kabuki brush that I adore. I dust a little all over.
And again, model friend adds that Bourjois makes a liquid foundation called Flower Perfection that is very nice with excellent coverage - if your skin requires some serious cover-up work.

Everyday Minerals used to carry a sweet Apple blush that I still use sometimes (I purchased it when I was Marie Antoinette for Halloween one year). And every mineral foundation I've tried from them has been perfectly adequate. They offer samples for free, and have a wide range of tones and functions, so I often recommend them.

I suppose it sounds like a lot for girls that don't wear any sort of makeup, but its an easy routine to get in to, and somewhat soothing and relaxing. I think a lot of girls don't pay enough attention to skin, but it really is the first thing people look at.
On the other end of the spectrum, some girls put way too much on their face. Foundation is supposed to be subtle and unnoticed.
If you are having such severe trouble with your skin, I'd suggest eating some collagen capsules or vitamins with rose hips. Maybe evaluating your diet will help.

Wow, I talk too much! Oh well. There you have it.
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So, I know when I was in highschool, the girls would act all high and mighty with their MAC lipgloss.
I've tried lots of different ones, and to be honest the Dior Addict lip glosses are my favourites.
But here's something funny - I like Avon lipgloss just as much. They accomplish almost exactly the same thing. Yeah, so what if you aren't waving around a glass tube labeled with a designer name. Big deal.
For 10 years now, I've made something of a tradition to acquire a new Avon lipgloss at the beginning of summer. They are inexpensive, and easy to order.
This is my new shiny golden glossy treasure:
Avon Lipgloss!
[Avon Smooth Minerals Lip Gloss in Golden Sand]

This reminds me, Avon carries a lip balm I love called Dew Kiss - that can be added to the list of lip balms I approve of and recommend.
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I haven't been posting pictures of "what I'm wearing" lately, I have been packing and preparing to move and most of my nice clothing is in suitcases at the moment. I don't suppose people want to see pictures of easy fit t-shirts and athletic shorts, and/or bikinis & flip flops every week.. but maybe that would work!

I noticed my hairstyle has suddenly become popular. For years now, on my days off, I've braided my hair when I got out of the bath, I'd leave it braided until I washed it again. I would sleep with it, go to the store with it, etc. It'd turn in to a messy sloppy side braid, with my bangs and stray hairs.
I thought it was charming in a country romani bohemian sort of way.

Oh! Here is my first nail swatch. I have mentioned this colour before, its my favourite for summer! Sadly, with all neon colours, its difficult to capture it properly in photography. This was taken in bright natural light.
China Glaze - Flip Flop Fantasy
[Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze]
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So, I've got something new to roll my eyes over.
I've been using asian BB creams (Skin79 Super Plus BB Beauty Balm) for a while now, and suddenly noticed a huge craze for them here in the US.
Last week at the store, I glanced at a bottle of Garnier's "Miracle Skin Perfector" BB Cream and looked over the ingredients. My first thought was, "Isn't this just tinted moisturizer?"
Yep, the American version of these creams are nothing new, simply renamed moisturizers they've carried for years. Reviews online tend towards the unimpressed, and I am not surprised in the least.

If you want to try a BB Cream that works, check out Skin79 - they carry a wide range of balms that are FANTASTIC.

I own Skin79's Hot Pink Super Plus, VIP Gold Super Plus, Diamond The Prestige, and Diamond Luminous Pearl.
SKIN79 BB Balm
I love the Gold and the Diamond Prestige as bases, they are super moisturizing, and even out my skin. The Pink is a lot like the Gold, actually, maybe with a little less coverage, both have skin whitening effects - so good under eyes and over freckles or scars. I love to brush a little of the Luminous Pearl on my cheeks, because its very sparkly - using a lot of it all over is likened unto Twilight vampire shimmering ridiculousness.

They are easy to find in miniature or sample sizes, so you can try out different types without spending much money. They have varying ranges of coverage, moisture content, and different plant or mineral infusions.
Working around models and makeup all the time, oriental BB creams are something I always hear about. I highly recommend them, just not the US versions.
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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I didn't go out, but I got myself an egg custard and a bubble tea. (  ॣ́˃̶̤ ‧̮ ˂̶̤ ॣ̀)

Speaking of simple pleasures, I decided to make an entire post dedicated to lip balm. I'll probably do another just for lipstick and lipgloss.
I confess, when I'm stressed out, I chew on my lip. And when its really dry, I start tearing at it. Its a vicious and horrible compulsion.
My solution - always wear chapstick.
I have spent years trying different lip balms. I ultimately wanted one that was super moisturizing, long lasting, and nice tasting.

[personal profile] astah loves and recommends Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Sadly, this stuff is total crap on me. It feels like hard wax, and is not smooth. It adds no discernible moisture to my lips and it doesn't last even 5 minutes. It has a strong peppermint scent, which is pleasant, and about the only positive I can mention.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer (SPF15) is very nice, long lasting, and has no scent or taste I can pinpoint. This has been my favourite for years.
For fruity lip balm, I have Softlips Enriched Shea & Mango Butter (SPF25), which is super smooth, but doesn't last at all. Nearly all fruity lip balms suffer from laughably short life span.
LUSH has a Honey Trap lip balm in a tin that I tried a few years ago, and with most LUSH lip balms, the moisture content wasn't what I wanted, but I liked it enough. Ultimately, I enjoy and value the convenience of a tube o' chapstick, so I probably won't use them again.

Now, when I did destroy my lips, my solution was to slather a medicated lip balm on before bed - like Carmex.
I think people often forget that their lips are skin. And if lips are truly dry or damaged, you can always put a buttery lotion on them overnight - it doesn't have to be anything designed specifically for lips, as long as its natural. Before a photoshoot or big event, sometimes I'll use L'Occitane en Provence Beurre de Karité, its 100% Shea Butter, on my lips the night before. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy from Eucerin works as well. I don't want to eat lotion, but its fine if I'm asleep.

I recently found these Nivea lip balms that are heavenly, and are my new favourites!
The blue one is Nivea Kiss of Smoothness (SPF10) Hydrating Lip Care. This stuff is magic, long lasting, and ultra moisturizing. It has a subtle pleasant scent, and goes on smooth as silk. I use this daily.
The yellow one is Nivea Kiss of Milk & Honey, Soothing Lip Care. This one is less moisturizing, but still very nice. It has a light honey scent that is perfect, and goes on smooth. I wear this to bed.

Chapstick recommendations

About 8 years ago, I came home from the MAGIC fashion convention with a fancy designer lip balm that was perfect. Jericho was 2, and upon opening my purse and finding this treasure, he smeared it all over the carpet until nothing was left in the tube. I saw the aftermath, fell to my knees, and cried.
I cried real tears over it. That is how much I love lip balm.


18 June 2012 01:21 pm
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Bidu Bidu is still chillin' on the LV.  Yo.

"Hey, what do you think of this purse? Does it match my outfit?" *poses*

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I got this polish a long time ago, and it has been one of my favourites.

Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze

Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze.
This is an ultra fluorescent, loud colour (and I have to warn, like with most neon colours, it doesn't show up well in photos). Its a peachy coral type pink, with a hint of orange. The polish itself is matte, and dries in an instant. Coverage is decent, but I find myself using 4 coats sometimes for an even look. I smother it in a shiny clear topcoat.
It is beachy summer fun in a bottle:

Flip Flop Fantasy by China Glaze.  Hello Summer!

Lo and behold, Flip Flop Fantasy on my toes. Oh, and Michael Kors straw platform wedges.
Hello Summer!

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