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What the hells that 'sposed to mean?

I finally finished that fox collar.

I finally finished the FOX COLLAR OF AWESOMENESS!

I love my puppy.

Katie approves of it.
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Hey, I told you I could rip my own jeans.
Check out my star fray:
Constructively Destroyed
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Posted 31 July 2011:
"Who is awesome enough to get thrown out of a bar at their highschool reunion for being too drunk? ME!"

Overall, it was a great night (until I got thrown out). I wore school colours, teal and silver - go LVA! Woo! I got free drinks (my friend Tiffany knocked me in to the pool, seriously, who actually does that?). And I got to see lots of old childhood friends and acquaintances.
Dorky Dave drank till he dropped, literally, he totally fell out of his chair.
And the photographers enjoyed taking pictures of me dancing and acting a fool. A miserable wet fool - thanks Tiffany!
Everyone was amazed at how I hadn't changed at all since school. Which I have to admit, was the most perfect reunion I could have imagined.

Today, I'm going to spend the day packing and preparing to leave the city that I have lived in 2/3 of my life. I'm sorting all my belongings in to two piles - TAKE and GIVE AWAY. Its heartbreaking, but at the same time, exulting. I feel relieved and elated to be rid of material belongings, to move on with a chance at a clean slate, and a fresh start.
I have often found myself saying to other people who had cried at me about losing their phone, breaking their computers, ripping their new pants, etcetera, "They are just things."

I'm excited for this leap to an overbearingly religious city, with a stinking cesspool of a lake (see previous post). No, I really mean it.
I recently read an interview of a SLC fashion designer, "I don’t have to wear couture. I don’t have to have the latest. I’m not superficial about it. What I love is the artistry of it. Clothing is just what people put on their bodies to keep from being naked, to keep their butts from scraping on rocks when they sit down…but fashion is what you have to say about it, expressively and responsively."
Most fashion falls in to two base categories: utility (cover, modesty, or protection from elements), and for identity (uniforms and corporate apparel). The third is beauty (something with no purpose other than vanity), and sadly, not as popular.
What really tickled me - "I took my mom’s square dancing petticoat, sewed giant sequins all over it, and wore it to school once. I think the kids told me it was the “devil’s clothes”."
Check out her store here: Haus of Mirth or drop by Unhinged, 1121 E. 2100 S in Sugarhouse (free parking in back).


17 July 2012 12:59 am
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [personal profile] astah!!!
Happy Birthday Michael!

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