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I took a career questionnaire in middle school, to give a general idea of work that I might enjoy based on the results.
I'll never ever forget when I read my printout - my two most ideal jobs were LOGGER/LUMBERJACK or TRUCK DRIVER.

At least I have a collection of plaid shirts. Time to start on the rugged manly facial hair.
I'm yellin TIMBER. You better move. You better dance.
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My usual spot is a tiny indie/hipster bar in good ol glitter gultch, downtown Vegas.
I went to highschool just down the street. I know the neighborhoods around there, where I park my piece of shit car and walk. I have friends that still live there, in those little houses surrounded by dirt lots and abandoned buildings that are home to crazy hobos and stray cats.
Don't judge me. )
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Ironically, I love this.
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"has anyone really been for even as decided to use even go want to do look more like"

Okay... I'm pretty used to drunk messages and typos now, but what the hell is that?
Aside from a few rare cases where I can't even get the gist of a message, I don't even notice mistakes anymore - I read right over them. Everyone is always texting me from phones while driving or eating or taking a piss or something...

I spent my week pawing at vintage white silks, lace, crystals and pearls. I spent my entire Friday night sketching beaded headdresses and satin sashes. Miss Fancy Fancington is bored as hell and has decided she is going the fuck out this weekend and drinking.
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I finished reading Choke. Its a man's manly version of trashy romance - and I mean trashy.
I was thoroughly disgusted, but that was the point. I liked it.
"torture is torture and humiliation is humiliation only when you choose to suffer."

My TO DO list for the week includes:

Someone had once said to me, "I like the way your pride keeps you from blaming others."
I was never sure if that was a criticism or compliment, a fault or virtue.
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"Are you afraid of me?"
"Why would I be afraid of you?"
"I'm not sure, that's why I asked."

I think its really funny when a guy answers a question with another question - that doesn't answer my question.
Talking in circles = communication FAIL = really funny. Maybe this is why I'm an artist.
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YouTube interview of a friend, one of the questions asked was, "TITS or ASS?"
To which he laughed, and said "Neither, how about FACE, cause that is what you talk to and wake up next to."
I was pleased with this answer.
Apropos for my extreme level of maturity, I couldn't help but picture waking up with your FACE next to ASS.. though how one would get themselves into that sort of situation without lots and lots of alcohol, is something I can't really fathom.
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Haha, so on the discussion of "Why do rich people dress like bums?"
We came to the conclusion that the behavior of throwing money away on depreciating assets such as cars and clothes is what seperates the millionaires from the rest of society.

"People with money who are not the asshole noveau riche, i.e., who are comfortable in their own skins, don't give one good goddamn what twerps like you or other shallow wannabes think.

They wear what they want when they want, and the old line rich do not generally ever put their money into cars -- they consider this vulgar -- but rather spend what money they spend on their estates, although also never in a showy, vulgar way.

Now, yacht salesman have LONG known this, and would never turn away a no socks wearing, courduroy pants guy, as they KNOW how the old line rich habitually dress.

Many, many noveau riche (I can't help but think of large swatches of New Jersey when I think of same) have more newly acquired money than taste, are still the same vulgar and insecure assholes they were before acquiring some money by being relentless assholes, and so NEED to impress other shallow asswipes with their bling -- which, apparently, is the only metric of supposed personal worth that these twerps understand."
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Mmm.. I love carbonated fruit punch flavoured sodas. Unlike many of my American compatriots, I like to treat sodas like desserts, something sweet that should be consumed in moderation, and enjoyed thoroughly.

While working on projects, I'll put a dvd on repeat, or watch anime series online. There is something comforting about the television being on - the movement and sound make me feel less alone.
I've recently watched through the current episodes of Hellsing Ultimate, which I admit is one of my absolute favourite animated shows ever. Its the glowing red eyes, I think. Mmmm.
Twilight vampires play baseball and go to highschool. Hellsing vampires violently obliterate other vampires and flesh-eating ghouls using very large guns. I get turned on by the latter.

As one can guess from my post, I am spending tonight working on things while watching anime and drinking soda.
Also something of interest I'd like to share: The bird of Hermes led me to the Ripley Scrowle, an alchemical writing/collection of illustrations from the 15th century.
I am fascinated by ancient texts, and would just about die from happiness to see the Voynich Manuscript (I secretly think it is a journal/diary, but nobody else really sees it that way). It can be viewed online here.
And my love for cryptozoology has me yearning to see pages from the Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorums Chronicon as well, but that is just for the pictures. Haha!
I also love the whimsical, and fairly modern Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini (Linguists have broken down the name to mean “A collection of wisdom that is a message from Serafini's rectum." In the colloquial, “Talking out of my ass." - It’s probably just a coincidence but still a brilliant joke if true). And it is on my list of books I want for my future library.
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"One of the first places I wanted to visit after ending up in Salt Lake City (for reasons still unbeknownst to me) was the Great Salt Lake.  Obviously I knew that the lake was salty but I had imagined it as this big recreation area with beaches and lots of people floating about – a place I planned on spending much of the summer. 
In truth, it was absolutely disgusting, sort of cesspool like.  The lake was covered with a thick layer of flies, smelled worse then rotten eggs, and there was garbage everywhere.  No way was I going to lay in a foot in that cesspit.
I blamed my misguided fantasies on Utah Tourism brochures – The lakes turquoise waters and white sand beaches are popular with swimmers and sunbathers – MY ASS!"
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That figures.
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Watching this made my night.
[pewdiepie plays QWOP]

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