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I was so tired, I was putting things in the hamper this morning to wash, and I threw my laundry in the toilet.
In other news, I am on phase 2 of my shoe project.
When I was in highschool, my art teacher said I had an unhealthy preoccupation with glitter. He became so irritated at my obsession with including glitter on my projects, that he often lectured me, stating that glitter would only hold me back as an artist, and could possibly be my downfall. Throughout my years of education, he was far from being the only one who didn't approve.

Well, now I'm producing my most treasured and popular design - a glitter covered shoe - and I have never been so excited over a project. The irony is almost palpable.
What colours would you like to see on a shoe?
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[I am wearing: Abercrombie white rosette lace top, Abercrombie light wash jeans, Abercrombie & Fitch green beachy flippy floppies. Accessories include: white woven sunhat, DECK bracelet, and nautical stripe tote.]
TAKE THAT, Abercrombie! PBBT!! Don't know what I'm talking about?

Yeah, super casual. I am walking to the used bookstore today. I'll share if I find any goodies.
Its face-melting hot outside in the daytime.
And in celebration of summer, I am sporting my bright green sandals. I love green, as it is the colour of growing things, and it makes me happy.
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Remember those ombré glitter shoes I designed?
[Mermaid ombré glitter flats - Want some? Send me a message.]

Remember those ombré glitter shoes I designed in 2008?
Sometime this summer, I think I'll be offering a simplified version in my store - basic flats, customized in any size and in any colour combination.
I personally would love a glittering champagne to mahogany brown shoe, with a subtle golden copper transition. I think they would be elegant and match all the cream coloured clothes I own.
I also would love any pastel to bright ombré shoe.
I secretly dream of owning a full set of the basic rainbow colours. To match anything.

I have also noticed that drool is my often used tag.
Perhaps I should cut back on the drooling. Maybe that's why Abercrombie didn't call me back?

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