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So, the boys are trying to impress one another by saying tongue twisters to a recording device. I overhear Jericho say, "Peter Piper pecked a pickle"
And because I'm the mature adult in this house, I totally burst into laughter.

I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies outside of the grocery store today, because this little girl followed me with big sad eyes, pleading, "Please!"
It says that these suckers are a whopping 160 calories (70 from fat, 5g of saturated fat) per serving.
SO, I will limit myself to 4 cookies a day, and feel bad for eating them.
I've been trying to get into shape, instead I'm eating tons of candy, ice cream, and cookies. SIGH.
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I've always dressed my babies.
But then last year, Jericho fought with me in the store, because I was going to buy him a gray sweater, and he wanted the bright purple one.
This last summer while clothing shopping, he brought me a pair of red-orange pants, and said, "I like these." I eyed them skeptically, and said, "Try them on."
He did, and you know what, he was right. To my surprise, the orange pants looked good.

I realized then, that children want to wear certain clothes and styles, and I shouldn't stop them - that's part of being young, and I'll allow it to the full extent - while they can still get away with it.
When I was young, I wore all sorts of crazy shit. I'd be a demon to deny this of them.

The boys have decided that they will choose which clothes I buy for them, and dress themselves entirely from now on.
So when Rowan picked out a green shirt with a yellow vest and red stripe socks to wear, I cringed, but didn't argue with him about it.
And this morning, Jericho wore mismatched plaids (they often wear some sort of mismatched plaid or stripe pattern in contrast colours). I said, "Is that what the kids are wearing these days?" He reassured me it would be fine.

Maybe I've just gotten old. I look at some of these fashions and just can't understand why. I was discussing this with my model friend, Laurel, at dinner a few years back.
Drop-crotch harem pants in hot pink leopard print, on a man? We saw these at MAGIC, and mused if they would be popular. She told a tale of the booth next to hers, filled with girls dancing in sequin bras.
I replied, "I don't get it anymore. One day, my kids will walk up to me, in drop-crotch harem pants and sparkly bra tops, and I'll wail, "Jericho, what are you wearing?""

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