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My usual spot is a tiny indie/hipster bar in good ol glitter gultch, downtown Vegas.
I went to highschool just down the street. I know the neighborhoods around there, where I park my piece of shit car and walk. I have friends that still live there, in those little houses surrounded by dirt lots and abandoned buildings that are home to crazy hobos and stray cats.
Don't judge me. )
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..and don't you come back no more, no more, no more, no more.

[I return to find Jack hiding under my coffee table]
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my iphone

FUCK YOU iPhone!! Stop correcting my words! I know what I am spelling, you stoooopid batch.
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I posted this photo, 6 December 2011, of what I was wearing that day.
[What I was wearing: retro Abercrombie wool track jacket, white lace shorts, navy scrunchy socks. Michael Kors blue tunic, and white Hollister skirt.]

I got a general positive response to it, and figured I'd do it again, when I wore something to merit another photo. I forgot.

Around the day I took this photo, I was told by a manager at Abercrombie & Fitch, that I didn't have the look, and was simply too old to be a model for them, even though I had originally filled out the paperwork to be a candidate for their new 'diversity' campaign. I thought I was diverse enough. Maybe not.
Incidentally, I'm wearing mostly Abercrombie brand clothing in the above picture. :(
Despite the negative interactions with the company, I'm not angry enough to stop wearing the clothes. Ruehl No.925 (RIP), Abercrombie, and Hollister happen to carry 'casual luxury' clothing of decent quality that fit me very well. IE, I own a lot of their clothes.
SO, to get to the point of this long rant - I will try to post a weekly picture of me wearing Abercrombie & Rich brand threads, JUST TO SCORN THE COMPANY THAT THOUGHT I DIDN'T LOOK GOOD ENOUGH IN THEIR CLOTHES.

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WHAT!? Only 150 interests allowed?!! My ass has more interests than that!

Oh, and if you haven't played SCP-087B, you should. Just sayin.

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