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Today while driving I saw a homeless man begging, pacing the streets at red lights. I've seen him there for several weeks now. I can't read the sign he is holding, and I don't even try.
He smells, he is dirty, and he has a shopping cart of blankets in the nearby parking lot - so he is legitimately a bum.

Today, I gave him a dollar. I waved my hand out the window, and he approached. My light had turned green, and I was inching forward. I held on to the money tightly until he grabbed for it. His hand touched mine, and I nearly let go, but I didn't.
He said, "God bless you."
And I held on, until I had his attention.
I said, "This has absolutely nothing to do with God." And then I let it go. I drove away.

Seriously, get up off your ass and do something. Don't wait for money and happiness to rain down from the skies. Don't wait for a miracle.
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These are originally photos [personal profile] astah took (or had taken) while he lived in Guangzhou. I selected and edited a few. The album on my Flickr can be found here. ✰✰✰

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012
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The fun started Friday morning. I am a nice driver. I do not rage in the car - except for when assface decides to speed in an active school zone, in order to pass me on the right, in the middle of an intersection, by driving in the bike lane - all to turn into the exact same driveway I'm going to (the drop-off lane for elementary students). I'm not sure if they were dropping off children, or if they were employees of the school...

Then that night, LVA Alumni Mixer at the Marquee. A party thrown by the alumni association for my high school. Some RSVPd a month in advance, and yet 100 alumni are turned away at the door to The Library at the Cosmopolitan, because only 100 people are allowed inside due to fire codes. What an absolute mess of planning that was.

And the next day, I get back from the store with a trunk full of groceries, park in my usual spot outside my house. I run in to unlock the door and drop off some bags, and turn to see some jackass running away from my car with an armful of my grocery bags.
I didn't shout after him. I didn't call to anyone. I just watched him go despondently.

I've decided this person must have been in dire need - though it is difficult for me to figure out who could have possibly needed those groceries more than me and my children.
Certainly someone wouldn't stoop so low as to steal food, unless they were starving to death, right?
I don't understand this act of theft, if they had approached me and asked sincerely, I would have given them something. Yeah, I'm poor as dirt, but I do feel compassion.
When I see someone homeless on the street, with sunburned face, asking for anything that will help, I give them my spare change. Because as bad as things may be for me at times, someone will always have it worse, and that kinda breaks my heart.
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I used to avoid adjustable rings with overlapping backs, because they would pinch - until I learned a little trick that keeps them from pinching my fingers.
I sell adjustable rings in my Etsy store, so I figured it'd be nice to share this.

[Here is a picture of one of my adjustable rings.]
ABYSS 71000

[Here is a picture of one of my adjustable rings, pulled slightly apart.]
ABYSS 71000

❀ Yep, that's all there is to it. Just separate the two extensions so they don't touch. The ring will not pinch you. This is how I wear these.

❀ I'd also like to note that my adjustable filigree rings are specially shaped in the back. Without the sharp points that I've seen on other filigree rings, mine are smooth and comfortable and never pinch. Made with love.

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After helping [personal profile] astah customize his page (it looked like total crizzap before, LOL, sorry Michael), I sorta looked back at my own and cringed.
I am using a stock layout after all. I like the color, but it is way too dark. No, I has no skillz. Watch me, mess it up real bad!

I'll try, because I am brave, and I've been told, "You miss every shot you don't take."

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