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[White and silver holo glitter, & OPI clear top coat]

Snowy nails for the winter holiday! Woot.
I like how this could almost pass for french tips at a distance. Its subtle and simple.

I have a tradition (since Jericho was born) of buying one fancy ornament every Christmas - photos of my new ornament will come later when I actually have my tree up and decorated (because I don't).

I'll be spending the next three weeks painting and sorting out my life! Everything is CHAOS!

My new ornament.
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Combining two of my great loves, MLP and DUBSTEP.

Furk yeah. I am absolutely obsessed with this song :

So I'm staying in Las Vegas for an indeterminate amount of time, and as unhappy as I am at this change of relocation plans, there's very little I can do about the matter. Such is life.
I've spent the last few weeks unpacking and I'm resuming my goals of making it to Fashion Week in 2013. I will be returning to my regular schedule of posts and pictures soon.
Good news - [personal profile] astah purchased a fancy fashion textbook I had been dying for, and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I'm a happy girl.

I went through a typical drastic physical appearance makeover for the year.
I am tired of the pasty pale look that is in vogue now. A bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Express Moisturizer is my good friend this winter.
I've been reincorporating black pieces of clothing into my wardrobe, even though I dislike wearing that colour these days. I'm still sticking to pastels, muted tones and cream white. And for the first time in my life, I prefer gold metallics to silver.
I also cut my hair, several inches off the bottom. Nobody seemed to notice.
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The fun started Friday morning. I am a nice driver. I do not rage in the car - except for when assface decides to speed in an active school zone, in order to pass me on the right, in the middle of an intersection, by driving in the bike lane - all to turn into the exact same driveway I'm going to (the drop-off lane for elementary students). I'm not sure if they were dropping off children, or if they were employees of the school...

Then that night, LVA Alumni Mixer at the Marquee. A party thrown by the alumni association for my high school. Some RSVPd a month in advance, and yet 100 alumni are turned away at the door to The Library at the Cosmopolitan, because only 100 people are allowed inside due to fire codes. What an absolute mess of planning that was.

And the next day, I get back from the store with a trunk full of groceries, park in my usual spot outside my house. I run in to unlock the door and drop off some bags, and turn to see some jackass running away from my car with an armful of my grocery bags.
I didn't shout after him. I didn't call to anyone. I just watched him go despondently.

I've decided this person must have been in dire need - though it is difficult for me to figure out who could have possibly needed those groceries more than me and my children.
Certainly someone wouldn't stoop so low as to steal food, unless they were starving to death, right?
I don't understand this act of theft, if they had approached me and asked sincerely, I would have given them something. Yeah, I'm poor as dirt, but I do feel compassion.
When I see someone homeless on the street, with sunburned face, asking for anything that will help, I give them my spare change. Because as bad as things may be for me at times, someone will always have it worse, and that kinda breaks my heart.
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Our pet hamster has died. We buried her out under the lemon tree. I cried until my eyes were puffy and ugly. And then I was fine.
Usually when bad things happen, this is how I deal with it - I have myself a Coke float:
How I deal with it
[Wendy's Frosty Float.]
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My computer died and refuses to even turn on. :(
It's my birthday this Saturday. No plans of shenanigans or rampaging the town as of yet. Such celebrations will probably have to wait for another year, when I'm not so busy. (Yeah right, like that will ever happen.)

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