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I took a career questionnaire in middle school, to give a general idea of work that I might enjoy based on the results.
I'll never ever forget when I read my printout - my two most ideal jobs were LOGGER/LUMBERJACK or TRUCK DRIVER.

At least I have a collection of plaid shirts. Time to start on the rugged manly facial hair.
I'm yellin TIMBER. You better move. You better dance.
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Ironically, I love this.
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"One of the first places I wanted to visit after ending up in Salt Lake City (for reasons still unbeknownst to me) was the Great Salt Lake.  Obviously I knew that the lake was salty but I had imagined it as this big recreation area with beaches and lots of people floating about – a place I planned on spending much of the summer. 
In truth, it was absolutely disgusting, sort of cesspool like.  The lake was covered with a thick layer of flies, smelled worse then rotten eggs, and there was garbage everywhere.  No way was I going to lay in a foot in that cesspit.
I blamed my misguided fantasies on Utah Tourism brochures – The lakes turquoise waters and white sand beaches are popular with swimmers and sunbathers – MY ASS!"
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Isn't laziness just a derogatory term for efficiency?

I'm so tired, but I can sleep when I'm dead, right?
I need to officially reopen my Etsy shop. I have heaps of new items to list.
I also have a massive pile of clothes to mend, drawings to do, and unfinished paintings to work on.

I have a beauty / makeup post planned. People like to joke that I don't age, but I think instead, that I just happen to be good at putting on makeup.
Besides, I heard somewhere that happy girls are the prettiest girls. It makes sense to me - people are way less afraid of me when I am smiling.

Speaking of things that make me smile. Here are a few of my favourite things:
A few of my favourite things.
[Ambi Fade Cream and Zico Chocolate Coconut Water]

Oh, one of my friends asked, so I thought I'd share:
My days usually include a quick workout and stretch from
I highly recommend this particular workout:
It will kick your ass.
And most days, this is my only meal:
What I ate today.
[Naked Protein Juice Smoothie]
Its a cool new diet called Broke Like a Joke. Seriously.
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Being the first official photo of this series, I didn't want to complicate it. I'd love to be sporting more layered looks, but it is SUMMER, and I live in a desert. If I owned an Abercrombie swimsuit, you could bet I'd be wearing it for one of these pictures.

[I am wearing: TOO HOT TO CARE white Abercrombie & Fitch t-shirt]
Which is fitting, because its like, 1200 degrees outside, and its TOO DAMN HOT.
[Abercrombie blue pinstripe shorts with the A&F mooose embroidery throughout, and Abercrombie & Fitch flip flops]

Head to toe! Take that, bitches. Don't know what I'm talking about? Abercrombie seems to think I don't have the look to be a model for them. So much for "diversity".

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