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Sometimes I feel like I take a few steps forward only to be knocked back. Perhaps fate or the universe strikes us down on occasion just to put the good in perspective. To make us truly grateful for those peaceful days.
Despite this, I've never been happier. I've also never been so insanely busy. My pretty queenly ambition knows no bounds.
I am the whirlwind.

Everything around me ages. I feel like I am standing still while the flood of time rushes around me.
I stare up at the stars. Goodnight, my love.
I whisper against his neck sometimes, while he is sleeping. He smiles, even when he's not awake. I think he knows how precious he is to me. Its been one year and four months.
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I took a career questionnaire in middle school, to give a general idea of work that I might enjoy based on the results.
I'll never ever forget when I read my printout - my two most ideal jobs were LOGGER/LUMBERJACK or TRUCK DRIVER.

At least I have a collection of plaid shirts. Time to start on the rugged manly facial hair.
I'm yellin TIMBER. You better move. You better dance.
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I feel something so right, doing the wrong thing.

I have great tolerance for the weaknesses and foibles to which all mankind is heir.
To a fault.
We are all only human. Which is why I can smile when I talk about being jilted - and say, I'm happy that we met - that he inspired me to change for the better, and I am grateful.
I'm grateful for what we did have, though it may not have been much.
Which is why I can smile, genuinely.
Thank you, my love. I will make better mistakes tomorrow.

CARPENTER: "The artists HATE the teeterboard, they are demanding that we fix it."
CARPENTER 2: "There's nothing wrong with the damn teeterboard."
ME: "Well, why don't you put it back out there, and JUST SAY THAT YOU FIXED IT."

Wednesday, I worked all day at RSD, took the boys to see Mystère, and then went to the Zumanity 10 year anniversary after party at LIGHT. I danced with most of the cast, which was ridiculous. I got an hour of sleep, woke up and drove to orientation and staff meetings at Aria the next morning.

I was at Bite of Vegas for 16 hours yesterday (working). Cirque was one of the main sponsors, with huge banners on the main stage. They misspelled our name on the website. I had an all access pass so that I could go backstage and bother the artists (OneRepublic mostly). I ate cotton candy. I played on the swings and rode the spinning wheel of death. I got a sunburn too.

A dozen people texted me out of the blue, and I joked that it was surely a sign of the apocalypse.

I clap, I dance, I cheer. I am a bright ray of sunshine.
I am lonely, I am tired, and I will miss you forever.
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My thoughts have been quiet recently. Its the sound of walking on dry leaves. Its kismet.

There's this running joke, that when I'm asked a question, I answer No - especially when its inappropriate.
"What are you drinking?" "No."
"What's your name?" "No."
My friends send me messages like "What are you up to?" and I reply with No. They seem to think its funny.

I'm a private person, so I am also fond of telling preposterous lies.
"What do you do?" "I'm a Princess."
"Where do you live?" "In a castle."

I go out alone sometimes, because I don't want to go home. I have a single drink and sit by the stone fireplace with my legs curled up in front of me.
When the dj starts, I get up and dance alone. I close my eyes and feel the music. It drowns out everything and everyone. Its a small sort of happiness.
I don't talk to anyone if I can help it, unless one of my childhood friends find me. (its happened a few times, its a small world)
It actually really offends me when guys approach me - I'm not there to meet men at a bar. How fucking dare they hit on me. I'm a lot meaner than I look.
I go home alone. I like being alone.
Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.

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[personal profile] alice789: That's the one, methinks.  Starts out a bit weak, but that drop is what gets the pussy.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy?
[personal profile] alice789: FOR DAYS.
[personal profile] astah: i don't get it...
[personal profile] alice789: Shut up, I'm an elegant lady.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy for days?

I have sworn an oath that 2013 will be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.
My New Years Resolution is: To become rich and famous. (world domination will have to wait until next year)

I was adding things to my resolution list when this inner voice said, "I have so much to do that I barely have time to sleep. I'll do it later."
And then I really thought about it. When? When is later? And why did I think that later would be any different than right now?
There will never be more than 24 hours in a day. And there will always be a full menu of obligations and diversions to fill in those hours. That will never change.

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