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So, the boys are trying to impress one another by saying tongue twisters to a recording device. I overhear Jericho say, "Peter Piper pecked a pickle"
And because I'm the mature adult in this house, I totally burst into laughter.

I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies outside of the grocery store today, because this little girl followed me with big sad eyes, pleading, "Please!"
It says that these suckers are a whopping 160 calories (70 from fat, 5g of saturated fat) per serving.
SO, I will limit myself to 4 cookies a day, and feel bad for eating them.
I've been trying to get into shape, instead I'm eating tons of candy, ice cream, and cookies. SIGH.
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I've always dressed my babies.
But then last year, Jericho fought with me in the store, because I was going to buy him a gray sweater, and he wanted the bright purple one.
This last summer while clothing shopping, he brought me a pair of red-orange pants, and said, "I like these." I eyed them skeptically, and said, "Try them on."
He did, and you know what, he was right. To my surprise, the orange pants looked good.

I realized then, that children want to wear certain clothes and styles, and I shouldn't stop them - that's part of being young, and I'll allow it to the full extent - while they can still get away with it.
When I was young, I wore all sorts of crazy shit. I'd be a demon to deny this of them.

The boys have decided that they will choose which clothes I buy for them, and dress themselves entirely from now on.
So when Rowan picked out a green shirt with a yellow vest and red stripe socks to wear, I cringed, but didn't argue with him about it.
And this morning, Jericho wore mismatched plaids (they often wear some sort of mismatched plaid or stripe pattern in contrast colours). I said, "Is that what the kids are wearing these days?" He reassured me it would be fine.

Maybe I've just gotten old. I look at some of these fashions and just can't understand why. I was discussing this with my model friend, Laurel, at dinner a few years back.
Drop-crotch harem pants in hot pink leopard print, on a man? We saw these at MAGIC, and mused if they would be popular. She told a tale of the booth next to hers, filled with girls dancing in sequin bras.
I replied, "I don't get it anymore. One day, my kids will walk up to me, in drop-crotch harem pants and sparkly bra tops, and I'll wail, "Jericho, what are you wearing?""
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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I didn't go out, but I got myself an egg custard and a bubble tea. (  ॣ́˃̶̤ ‧̮ ˂̶̤ ॣ̀)

Speaking of simple pleasures, I decided to make an entire post dedicated to lip balm. I'll probably do another just for lipstick and lipgloss.
I confess, when I'm stressed out, I chew on my lip. And when its really dry, I start tearing at it. Its a vicious and horrible compulsion.
My solution - always wear chapstick.
I have spent years trying different lip balms. I ultimately wanted one that was super moisturizing, long lasting, and nice tasting.

[personal profile] astah loves and recommends Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Sadly, this stuff is total crap on me. It feels like hard wax, and is not smooth. It adds no discernible moisture to my lips and it doesn't last even 5 minutes. It has a strong peppermint scent, which is pleasant, and about the only positive I can mention.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer (SPF15) is very nice, long lasting, and has no scent or taste I can pinpoint. This has been my favourite for years.
For fruity lip balm, I have Softlips Enriched Shea & Mango Butter (SPF25), which is super smooth, but doesn't last at all. Nearly all fruity lip balms suffer from laughably short life span.
LUSH has a Honey Trap lip balm in a tin that I tried a few years ago, and with most LUSH lip balms, the moisture content wasn't what I wanted, but I liked it enough. Ultimately, I enjoy and value the convenience of a tube o' chapstick, so I probably won't use them again.

Now, when I did destroy my lips, my solution was to slather a medicated lip balm on before bed - like Carmex.
I think people often forget that their lips are skin. And if lips are truly dry or damaged, you can always put a buttery lotion on them overnight - it doesn't have to be anything designed specifically for lips, as long as its natural. Before a photoshoot or big event, sometimes I'll use L'Occitane en Provence Beurre de Karité, its 100% Shea Butter, on my lips the night before. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy from Eucerin works as well. I don't want to eat lotion, but its fine if I'm asleep.

I recently found these Nivea lip balms that are heavenly, and are my new favourites!
The blue one is Nivea Kiss of Smoothness (SPF10) Hydrating Lip Care. This stuff is magic, long lasting, and ultra moisturizing. It has a subtle pleasant scent, and goes on smooth as silk. I use this daily.
The yellow one is Nivea Kiss of Milk & Honey, Soothing Lip Care. This one is less moisturizing, but still very nice. It has a light honey scent that is perfect, and goes on smooth. I wear this to bed.

Chapstick recommendations

About 8 years ago, I came home from the MAGIC fashion convention with a fancy designer lip balm that was perfect. Jericho was 2, and upon opening my purse and finding this treasure, he smeared it all over the carpet until nothing was left in the tube. I saw the aftermath, fell to my knees, and cried.
I cried real tears over it. That is how much I love lip balm.
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MICHAEL: "What will you do for your mother, on her birthday?"
JERICHO: "Be quiet?"

Yes.. that is all that I want.


12 June 2012 12:34 am
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Yesterday was Jericho's birthday! I'm recovering from the chaos, and will post again soon, promise.

Oh, in Dead Space 2, around the nursery / school during Chapter 6, there is miscellaneous graffiti near an elevator. Jericho's name is written on the wall. He really wanted you to know.

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