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Recently, I stay logged into messenger on Facebook all day everyday. I hardly ever chat with anyone on there. I just like to watch everyone else log in and out. I watch people come and go. I can see when is the last time they were active on FB. And the ticker shows me what they do.
Kinda like people watching, only way more passive and way more creepy.

* grins *
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"Are you afraid of me?"
"Why would I be afraid of you?"
"I'm not sure, that's why I asked."

I think its really funny when a guy answers a question with another question - that doesn't answer my question.
Talking in circles = communication FAIL = really funny. Maybe this is why I'm an artist.
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Haha, so on the discussion of "Why do rich people dress like bums?"
We came to the conclusion that the behavior of throwing money away on depreciating assets such as cars and clothes is what seperates the millionaires from the rest of society.

"People with money who are not the asshole noveau riche, i.e., who are comfortable in their own skins, don't give one good goddamn what twerps like you or other shallow wannabes think.

They wear what they want when they want, and the old line rich do not generally ever put their money into cars -- they consider this vulgar -- but rather spend what money they spend on their estates, although also never in a showy, vulgar way.

Now, yacht salesman have LONG known this, and would never turn away a no socks wearing, courduroy pants guy, as they KNOW how the old line rich habitually dress.

Many, many noveau riche (I can't help but think of large swatches of New Jersey when I think of same) have more newly acquired money than taste, are still the same vulgar and insecure assholes they were before acquiring some money by being relentless assholes, and so NEED to impress other shallow asswipes with their bling -- which, apparently, is the only metric of supposed personal worth that these twerps understand."
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This is what I woke up to. Seriously?

I wake up to this!!  0_o

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'( 0_o )'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
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I posted a photo of my German class, with our teacher Frau Edwards, back in September.
I found out today that she was onboard one of the planes that crashed in the 9/11 disaster, and is no longer with us.
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I will never buy pore strips again. Not that I buy them regularly - but I glanced at these in the store just a few days ago, and was disgusted by how expensive they were - Seriously? For something I put on my face and tear off?
This made me remember hearing some older ladies talking a few years back, about using Elmer's glue as a facial peel or as an alternative to pore strips. At the time, I shrugged, because people will always look for alternatives, for example, a guy friend in high school said, "Sticking a piece of really good tape to your face and ripping it off has nearly the same effect, right?"
No. Not really...
But I've heard of this Elmer's glue method a few times recently, and a Google search confirms:

"You know those strips you can buy to remove blackheads and dirt from your face? Yep, they're not cheap. There is another way to achieve the same results and at a cost of pennies, or less. It's Elmer's Glue. You heard me, good old fashioned Elmer's Glue that most of us grew up using for one thing or another.
Apply a layer of glue on your face, concentrating on the nose area if that is a problem area for you. Let it dry completely and peel off as you would with a peel-off mask. Rinse what residue doesn't come off when peeling. Feel your skin. Pretty nice… huh? Follow with a toner if you like.

Elmer's Glue disclaimer: When using Elmer's Glue as a beauty treatment, one should make sure they are not allergic to the product. While I don't know the statistics of "Elmer's Glue allergy," there is a chance that someone, somewhere, is allergic to the stuff. Also, I would like to add that when applying glue to your face, it is not advisable to apply glue anywhere near the eyes to prevent the possibly hazardous "Glued Eye Syndrome." Likewise - for the mouth area."

So this morning, while waiting for my car, I tried this out.
No joke, it works just as good as a pore strip. Yeah, it makes you look like an ASS. But it dries clear, peels off easily, and as far as I know, is non-toxic and safe for skin.
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I had a creepy (but good) dream last night:

We were a crew on board a ship. Among us were civilians, and pilgrims. We were settlers, heading for some distant location.
Our surroundings were warm wood and fabric, nothing cold or metallic.
On several occasions walking through the hallways, someone would mention hearing water. And we'd listen and follow the sound, hoping to find the source of this running water, never to any avail. We would hear stories about people going missing. Sometimes in our search, we would see shadows around corners. And we all confess to hearing movement in the walls at night.

Then when I go to sleep in my cabin, I wake up to the drip drip of water from above, and see water leaking through my ceiling. I grab a torch and head up a ladder, to the corridor above, where I see a pipe, with several gashes, spraying water everywhere. Others have come to help me stop this leak.
When patching this pipe, I mention how the 4 holes look like claw or teeth marks. Everyone laughs nervously, and we try not to discuss what could have damaged the metal.
Now that we are all soaking wet and slightly frightened, we are not in the mood for sleep. We all sit on the benches in the Mess Hall and eat some fried chips in the bright light. We start to calm down, deciding who we will alert about the broken pipe.
I glance to the left, back down the corridor we came from, and see only darkness through the tiny doorway. Something about it bothers me.
I tear my eyes away, to look at my comrade sitting on my right. Only they are staring at the same door, with a horrified expression. I turn back quickly, to catch a flashing glimpse of two glowing red eyes in the darkness - what I suddenly realize is a shadow. I startle, nearly jumping from my seat. The dark shadow moves back away from the doorway, revealing a small dim light in the corridor beyond that I could not see before, because it had been standing in the door the whole time we were there.
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WHAT!? Only 150 interests allowed?!! My ass has more interests than that!

Oh, and if you haven't played SCP-087B, you should. Just sayin.

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