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I returned to work on the FW 2013 collection today. I realize that I need proper fabrics and embellishments for these pieces. I need to plan a trip. I start making lists on sticky notes.

I am filling in the 30th specification sheet for the day when I look up and make a really angry face. I grab my phone and send Ernest a message. "You suck. Call me back, you stupid bitch."
Yes, this is the manner in which I address my dearest friends, coworkers, and business partners. You can ask any of them, they know. I am soft-spoken, but completely belligerent. I'm not sure why or how this came to be. I've been like this, as far back as I can remember.. Hmm..

When I am distracted by meandering thoughts or feel like I'm dwelling too much on some specific memory, I write. I keep a hidden journal, where I vent all that uncertainty and introspection. It doesn't always make sense, but neither does my pattern of thought. A lot of it is esoteric.
As I've been told, I have an artistic temperament. I think sometimes that immense power of observation - it makes too much noise in my head.

5 weeks ago, while on the subject of purposeful recklessness, I said, "I think sometimes, when you hold back - if you don't just go for it - you miss out."
You miss every shot you don't take.
Which is why I am the incomprehensibly persistent ass that I am. Its why I am loyal to a fault. And why if I fall short or fail, I get back up and try again. And again.
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Today I punched the poor beau in the stomach. Harder than I had meant to. I immediately felt bad.
I believe I had mentioned upfront that I wasn't very girly, but sometimes my behavior is appalling even to myself.
Je suis vraiment désolé Scott. S'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi.

I've been busy culling the weaker pieces from my 2013 FW Collection. I called Ernest to talk about the beading on a few particular items and possibly drafting something of his own inspiration. All I heard was his wailing, "I've been planting cactuses FOREVER. ALL OVER THE PLACE. The tire on the wheelbarrow is totally flat! I thought this would take 2 hours, but NO, THERE ARE STILL CACTUSES EVERYWHERE."
LOL! I told him to call me back when he was done.

I think some of the last storm clouds that had been hovering overhead have finally cleared out.
The weather was so lovely today. The frozen world is melting, and the lamb has become more sapient drinking of the spring.


24 June 2012 03:54 pm
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Its been almost 4 years since we graduated college together. In school we were the inseparable duo of constant giggling, talking, passing notes, drawing ugly pictures of the teacher, and otherwise generally bad behavior.
One teacher spotted me in the hallway alone one day, and said, "What is this? I've never seen such a thing. Where is the other one?"

But you know what, we had the most talent, most vision of our classmates. So while other groups fought and bickered over who would press the piping or what colors to use, we worked calmly with coordination and cooperation, allocating tasks to whomever had the most skill. We knew what we were doing.
At first, the teachers raised an eyebrow at our concept sketches, always doubtful. By our second year, the teachers didn't bother with approval. They simply knew we could do it.
Our runway pieces were always the most impressive, our designs always opened shows.
Our ambition was what made us incompatible with the current market. We didn't design t-shirts, athletic wear, kicks or jeans. And perhaps that was our downfall.
I've been told, "If you have a good design, something new and innovative, nobody will like it. You'll have to cram it down their throats."

Afterwards we graduated, moved apart. We both had lives, bills to pay, mouths to feed - a creative hiatus of sorts.
But now, we are ready to team back up, and work on a collection for next year, together. He has an artistic disposition and dramatic flair, meaning I'll have to kick his ass. But I'm truly excited. I don't know how many long-distance fashion design teams there are in the world. But we'll manage with Skype and Priority Mail.

Welcome to the DECK design team, Ernest. :D
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