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This is me, most days.

We do the dance right. We have got it made like ice cream topped with honey. But we got no money.
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So, the boys are trying to impress one another by saying tongue twisters to a recording device. I overhear Jericho say, "Peter Piper pecked a pickle"
And because I'm the mature adult in this house, I totally burst into laughter.

I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies outside of the grocery store today, because this little girl followed me with big sad eyes, pleading, "Please!"
It says that these suckers are a whopping 160 calories (70 from fat, 5g of saturated fat) per serving.
SO, I will limit myself to 4 cookies a day, and feel bad for eating them.
I've been trying to get into shape, instead I'm eating tons of candy, ice cream, and cookies. SIGH.
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Combining two of my great loves, MLP and DUBSTEP.

Furk yeah. I am absolutely obsessed with this song :

So I'm staying in Las Vegas for an indeterminate amount of time, and as unhappy as I am at this change of relocation plans, there's very little I can do about the matter. Such is life.
I've spent the last few weeks unpacking and I'm resuming my goals of making it to Fashion Week in 2013. I will be returning to my regular schedule of posts and pictures soon.
Good news - [personal profile] astah purchased a fancy fashion textbook I had been dying for, and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I'm a happy girl.

I went through a typical drastic physical appearance makeover for the year.
I am tired of the pasty pale look that is in vogue now. A bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Express Moisturizer is my good friend this winter.
I've been reincorporating black pieces of clothing into my wardrobe, even though I dislike wearing that colour these days. I'm still sticking to pastels, muted tones and cream white. And for the first time in my life, I prefer gold metallics to silver.
I also cut my hair, several inches off the bottom. Nobody seemed to notice.
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I was unable to sleep tonight, so I stepped outside to simply look at the stars for a bit.

"The Universe is very, very big. It also loves a paradox. For example, it has some extremely strict rules.
Rule number one: Nothing lasts forever. Not you or your family or your house or your planet or the sun. It is an absolute rule. Therefore when someone says that their love will never die, it means that their love is not real, for everything that is real dies.
Rule number two: Everything lasts forever."
~ Craig Ferguson

Dreamwidth's Explore: Random Journal option can be fun. I was tickled by this -

I've been watching Borderlands 2 gameplay walkthroughs. It makes me drool. Mmmm...
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Mmm.. I love carbonated fruit punch flavoured sodas. Unlike many of my American compatriots, I like to treat sodas like desserts, something sweet that should be consumed in moderation, and enjoyed thoroughly.

While working on projects, I'll put a dvd on repeat, or watch anime series online. There is something comforting about the television being on - the movement and sound make me feel less alone.
I've recently watched through the current episodes of Hellsing Ultimate, which I admit is one of my absolute favourite animated shows ever. Its the glowing red eyes, I think. Mmmm.
Twilight vampires play baseball and go to highschool. Hellsing vampires violently obliterate other vampires and flesh-eating ghouls using very large guns. I get turned on by the latter.

As one can guess from my post, I am spending tonight working on things while watching anime and drinking soda.
Also something of interest I'd like to share: The bird of Hermes led me to the Ripley Scrowle, an alchemical writing/collection of illustrations from the 15th century.
I am fascinated by ancient texts, and would just about die from happiness to see the Voynich Manuscript (I secretly think it is a journal/diary, but nobody else really sees it that way). It can be viewed online here.
And my love for cryptozoology has me yearning to see pages from the Prodigiorum Ac Ostentorums Chronicon as well, but that is just for the pictures. Haha!
I also love the whimsical, and fairly modern Codex Seraphinianus by Luigi Serafini (Linguists have broken down the name to mean “A collection of wisdom that is a message from Serafini's rectum." In the colloquial, “Talking out of my ass." - It’s probably just a coincidence but still a brilliant joke if true). And it is on my list of books I want for my future library.
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I've spent several hours these past few days, sewing gemstone beads and metal sequins on to dresses. I actually enjoy doing this.

Avocados are on sale at the market, YAY!! One of my favourite dinners is an avocado, raw, sliced, covered in pepper and a dash of salt.
I won't assault you with an image of this - its super ugly and unattractive. But it tastes delicious!
I will never take pictures of my everyday food. That is stupid. I see a lot of people do this, and wonder why. I don't want to see pics of your turkey sandwich, your fried rice, or your chicken wings. Its one thing to travel and take a picture of yourself eating scorpion on a stick, another to bore people with minutiae.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, when we went to dinner at Twist at the Mandarin Oriental for Valentines Day, I saw a girl the next table over, taking tons of pictures of the food, drinks, etc. It was annoying, rude, and inappropriate. Its difficult to enjoy the "romantic night view of Las Vegas" when there is a camera flash out of the corner of your eye every other minute, followed by giggling and "I'm totally tweeting this!"
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The long-awaited package arrived from China:
Included were a crazy glass mug, t-shirts emblazoned with bad English (I'll post some pics later), a Color Capi dress, iPhone accessories, and lots of candies (I started eating them, so not many were left by the time I took the picture). I loooove candy and I love getting packages.
Thanks [personal profile] astah! ❤

It reminds me, back in September of 2007, I received a package from Italy.
And the sender included a ton of European candies and goodies, which I absolutely had to dig through and eat immediately.
None of them were in English, so I kinda guessed.. caramelle colate jenza zucchero, I figured was a caramel hard candy.. and alpenliebe gusto menthe mix.. I knew had to be some kind of creamy mint.. and galatine con pezzi di cioccolato was probably a chocolate hard candy.. And I announce aloud, "Hey! I'm not that bad at this!"
Then I came across 5 of these strange looking candies, wrapped in wax paper.. on the outside, it said nothing but Sapo.
I bit down on one. Bleeeegggch! NASTY!!#%#@!
That's because it was a piece of soap!!


4 June 2012 01:01 pm
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[personal profile] foxfirefey has gifted me a paid account, so that I'll stop bitching about the limitations on the number of interests in my profile. I loves her so. ❤
I now get 100 icons as well, which I will relish with great ridiculous joy over the next 6 months.

So about these...

Goodies from Europe.  Thanks Olivia!

I've been hesitant to eat the goodies Olivia sent me from Europe. I could try to explain why, but then I'll sound like a huge idiot (moreso than usual).
Today I gave in, and ate a stroop wafel for lunch. Les gaufres fourrées au caramel (typique de siège néerlandais pour le sandwich délicieux), or caramel wafer in plain English. Mmmmm. Merci beaucoup!
These are nostalgic - Ich aß Karamel Waffeln in Deutschland, als ich 15 Jahre alt war... or something. Its been a long time, and different languages are starting to blur in my brain.
I recently went through photo albums and came across the many photos I took while in Europe.
Oh, how I wish I was young again...
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OMG macaron shaped soaps
If you are obsessed with macarons like I am, check out these handmade macaron shaped soaps on Etsy. They also have adorable cupcake soaps!

Oh, and FYI some International Delight's Limited Edition Cinnabon coffee creamer will make even the cheapest crappiest cup of instant coffee (commoner's coffee, if you've seen Ouran Highschool Host Club) into a divine treat.

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