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What the hells that 'sposed to mean?

I finally finished that fox collar.

I finally finished the FOX COLLAR OF AWESOMENESS!

I love my puppy.

Katie approves of it.
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This is what I woke up to. Seriously?

I wake up to this!!  0_o

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'( 0_o )'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*


11 September 2012 11:11 am
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My puppy, sleeping at my feet, while I sketch designs for 2014.

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September is a hard month for me.
Thoughout my life, a lot of horrible things have happened to me during the month of September.
Something about the fall and coming of winter makes my world a cold place.
The heat of summer burns bright, purging everything. But in winter, everything slows to a halt and is frozen over. And its often then, that I am left behind, or hurt, and I find myself alone, encased in ice until spring.
I wonder if my brain has developed some sort of aversion to this season. Something subconscious and entirely mental, keeping me wary of harsh and sad events to come.
Perhaps the waning daylight leads to darker thoughts.

Fall in Tokyo 2011
[Fall in Tokyo, 2011]

One really good thing I look forward to this month is the legendary Vogue September issue. Almost a thousand pages of fashion, makeup, and art. Simple pleasures.
I was flipping through photos, reading, when I came across a picture of one happy little white puppy and a three-page article - Ann Patchett's eulogy for her dog, Rose.
"I would not be making my point, which is that the death of my dog hit me harder than the deaths of many people I have known..."
"I came to realize in the months following Rose's death, months that I referred to myself as being in the ditch, that there was between me and every person I had ever loved some element of separation, and I had never seen it until now. There had been long periods spent apart from the different people I loved, due to nothing more than circumstances. There had been arguments and disappointments, for the most part small and easily reconciled, but over time people break apart, no matter how enormous the love they feel for one another is, and it is through the breaking and the reconciliation, the love and the doubting of love, the judgment and then the coming together again, that we find our own identity and define our relationships.
Except that I had never broken from Rose. I had never judged her or wanted her to be different..."

Perhaps I'm being too gloomy. I should take a nap in a warm patch of sunlight with Katie. And yes, I actually do that sometimes. Simple pleasures.
But right now, I'm tired. Now is time to say goodnight moon.

"Sometimes love does not have the most honorable beginnings, and the endings, the endings will break you in half. It's everything in between we live for."
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I'm gonna start posting pictures of my puppy!
(I call all dogs puppies, no matter how big they are.)
Katie is an 8 year old red Shiba Inu.
When taking her for a walk around the lake, an older gentleman in a suit stepped from a building, looked at us both, and said, "Looks like a fox."
I smiled and nodded.
Then he added, "So does the dog."


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