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I feel something so right, doing the wrong thing.

I have great tolerance for the weaknesses and foibles to which all mankind is heir.
To a fault.
We are all only human. Which is why I can smile when I talk about being jilted - and say, I'm happy that we met - that he inspired me to change for the better, and I am grateful.
I'm grateful for what we did have, though it may not have been much.
Which is why I can smile, genuinely.
Thank you, my love. I will make better mistakes tomorrow.

CARPENTER: "The artists HATE the teeterboard, they are demanding that we fix it."
CARPENTER 2: "There's nothing wrong with the damn teeterboard."
ME: "Well, why don't you put it back out there, and JUST SAY THAT YOU FIXED IT."

Wednesday, I worked all day at RSD, took the boys to see Mystère, and then went to the Zumanity 10 year anniversary after party at LIGHT. I danced with most of the cast, which was ridiculous. I got an hour of sleep, woke up and drove to orientation and staff meetings at Aria the next morning.

I was at Bite of Vegas for 16 hours yesterday (working). Cirque was one of the main sponsors, with huge banners on the main stage. They misspelled our name on the website. I had an all access pass so that I could go backstage and bother the artists (OneRepublic mostly). I ate cotton candy. I played on the swings and rode the spinning wheel of death. I got a sunburn too.

A dozen people texted me out of the blue, and I joked that it was surely a sign of the apocalypse.

I clap, I dance, I cheer. I am a bright ray of sunshine.
I am lonely, I am tired, and I will miss you forever.
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I heard some sound relationship advice from television (this rarely happens).
-- You should marry someone who looks sexy when disappointed.
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I've gotten surprisingly vicious on this dating website.
I've deleted all but 4 messages in my inbox. (I had a few hundred)
One from someone I really really like, but I imagine we have reached an impasse and are unable to focus on a relationship. Despite this, I daresay I'm smitten.
One from a childhood friend, who messaged me when I showed up on his matches - He wrote "LOL, What's up?" To which I replied, "Shut up."
And two from local artists and photographers that sound like decent connections to keep.
UPDATE - I simply shut down my profile, there was no use for it anymore.

I've been sewing beads on to collars for several hours straight every day, all this week. The first collar, being the trial-and-error piece, caused me some grief. I misplaced one of the eyes, by about 3mm. I realized my mistake after I had finished beading the entire face, and after careful deliberation of whether or not I wanted this fox to look exceptionally derpy, I decided to fix it.
Then I was faced with the dilemma. I didn't want to tear out the surrounding beads, as the string would have undone a great deal of work I didn't want to remove and redo. So I broke them away instead, leaving the string beneath. Glass beads are easy to shatter with pliers or sturdy scissors.
I moved the eye, and only lost a few beads in the process.
I really really love this piece, and can't wait for it to be finished. I contacted a few photographers about taking some pictures for my portfolio and for my store, next week.

January is coming to a close, and I feel like this has been one of the best starts to a new year I could have asked for.
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You should see the way these guys react, when I play video games with a mic and they hear a girl's voice say, "Yeah, you take it, BITCH."

Hahaha, Slender is a pretty creepy game, so why not try these tips on "How to make Slender not scary".
I still think SCP: Containment Breach is worse, by far. I won't even play that shit.

Sometimes when I'm tired or drowsy, I'll watch or play something scary, its almost as good as an energy drink. Probably healthier in some ways.
I still continue to watch walkthroughs of Shadow of the Colossus and the Silent Hill games over and over again, because I love them. And because I absolutely never tire of my favourite movies, games, or songs.
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So this girl was showing off her brand new ultra-distressed destroyed cut-off denim shorts.
I wont even begin to discuss my views on "designer" blue jeans. I'll simply state that jeans were made to be casual work pants for labourers and construction workers, and I will never see denim as dressy or classy.

Anyhow, I digress, I am well aware of the luxury and prestige one feels from paying someone else to deliberately destroy your clothing for you, but I am able to do this myself.
When I visit my thrift and vintage shops, I always find new jeans in an outdated fit - such as ultra flared legs when the current trend/silhouette is skinny and slim. Now, why not get some of these and cut them in to shorts? Why go buy new ones?
I've hardly ever thrown out a pair of jeans that weren't totally full of holes on the crotch (specifically there, anywhere else is okay), because once the style goes out, I cut them to shorts for the summer. Years ago I had some gaucho capri-length jeans - gross, I know - now they are a fine pair of shorts.
It's such an easy process, and only requires scissors (and if you are incapable of cutting a straight line, grab a ruler/straightedge and a pen). Just cut across the leg, parallel to the hem, and wash them. Cut away any excess frays. If they are slightly long or off, fold them up in a cuff.

I recently found the most amazingly pale washed-out powder blue Guess jeans at the second hand shop (and I kid you not, they only cost me 25 cents). I know the new look is dark wash, but the colour was too cool to pass up. I attacked them with scissors when I got home. I really love them, and intend to wear them, in style or not. Maybe pictures later. Just between you and me, I like my new cut-off shorts better than the other girl's.
Besides, fashion innovation doesn't happen when people only wear what they bought in the mall last week.


8 August 2012 01:44 pm
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I finally got around to changing my nail colour, as well as swapping out the acrylic for short natural nails, I broke a few and haven't had the time to fix them.
I've been told repeatedly (starting with piano lessons when I was 10), short nails are professional nails, as where long nails are a big no no.
Later in college, my sewing teacher threw a fit looking at my acrylic nails, my stiletto heels, and my short skirt. "You couldn't possibly sew anything looking like that. Ridiculous!"
I proved her wrong.

That being said, short nails really ARE more practical and reasonable for almost everything that involves moving your fingers.
On to MY fingers:
Hot Pink!
[A florescent hot pink by SHISEM]
Neon colours never do photograph correctly! The picture of the bottle is closer to the actual tone.
I was pleasantly surprised by this brand. I plan to procure some of the other colours at some point in the near future. They can be picked up in China for cheap, but I've heard nice things. I got this colour for summer - its a very bright, pretty, solid pink with a bit of jelly. The formula is thick, creamy, and slow to dry. This is a problem because I tend to move around a lot and ruin nails. My solution is to apply the polish right before I lay out in the sun. I pick up a book, enjoy some sunshine, and I give my nails some time to dry.

EDIT: Aug 17th: Nearly 10 days later and this polish still looks great, only a minuscule chip on my index tip. This has marvelous staying power!!

Hot Pink by Shisem Nail Color
[This is a Korean nail polish, methinks]
This time while waiting for the polish to set, I finished up reading Twilight - I don't hate, I'm not a hater. I'm also not a critic. But I will admit that the characters in this book were dreadfully unrealistic, and completely inconsistent from one page to the next.
The impression I got, was that the writer was making up characters in their head, without actually basing them off of anything like a real breathing human being.
Overall, I don't hate it, or love it. I suppose if I were 20 years younger, this book may have been much more appealing. Why did I read it? Because its a part of the pop culture of this last decade and I was genuinely curious. I also bought it, in hardcover, from the used book store for 50 cents - about what it is worth.
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I used to avoid adjustable rings with overlapping backs, because they would pinch - until I learned a little trick that keeps them from pinching my fingers.
I sell adjustable rings in my Etsy store, so I figured it'd be nice to share this.

[Here is a picture of one of my adjustable rings.]
ABYSS 71000

[Here is a picture of one of my adjustable rings, pulled slightly apart.]
ABYSS 71000

❀ Yep, that's all there is to it. Just separate the two extensions so they don't touch. The ring will not pinch you. This is how I wear these.

❀ I'd also like to note that my adjustable filigree rings are specially shaped in the back. Without the sharp points that I've seen on other filigree rings, mine are smooth and comfortable and never pinch. Made with love.

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Thanks everyone for the birthday wishes. I didn't go out, but I got myself an egg custard and a bubble tea. (  ॣ́˃̶̤ ‧̮ ˂̶̤ ॣ̀)

Speaking of simple pleasures, I decided to make an entire post dedicated to lip balm. I'll probably do another just for lipstick and lipgloss.
I confess, when I'm stressed out, I chew on my lip. And when its really dry, I start tearing at it. Its a vicious and horrible compulsion.
My solution - always wear chapstick.
I have spent years trying different lip balms. I ultimately wanted one that was super moisturizing, long lasting, and nice tasting.

[personal profile] astah loves and recommends Burt's Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Sadly, this stuff is total crap on me. It feels like hard wax, and is not smooth. It adds no discernible moisture to my lips and it doesn't last even 5 minutes. It has a strong peppermint scent, which is pleasant, and about the only positive I can mention.

Neutrogena Lip Moisturizer (SPF15) is very nice, long lasting, and has no scent or taste I can pinpoint. This has been my favourite for years.
For fruity lip balm, I have Softlips Enriched Shea & Mango Butter (SPF25), which is super smooth, but doesn't last at all. Nearly all fruity lip balms suffer from laughably short life span.
LUSH has a Honey Trap lip balm in a tin that I tried a few years ago, and with most LUSH lip balms, the moisture content wasn't what I wanted, but I liked it enough. Ultimately, I enjoy and value the convenience of a tube o' chapstick, so I probably won't use them again.

Now, when I did destroy my lips, my solution was to slather a medicated lip balm on before bed - like Carmex.
I think people often forget that their lips are skin. And if lips are truly dry or damaged, you can always put a buttery lotion on them overnight - it doesn't have to be anything designed specifically for lips, as long as its natural. Before a photoshoot or big event, sometimes I'll use L'Occitane en Provence Beurre de Karité, its 100% Shea Butter, on my lips the night before. Aquaphor Healing Ointment Advanced Therapy from Eucerin works as well. I don't want to eat lotion, but its fine if I'm asleep.

I recently found these Nivea lip balms that are heavenly, and are my new favourites!
The blue one is Nivea Kiss of Smoothness (SPF10) Hydrating Lip Care. This stuff is magic, long lasting, and ultra moisturizing. It has a subtle pleasant scent, and goes on smooth as silk. I use this daily.
The yellow one is Nivea Kiss of Milk & Honey, Soothing Lip Care. This one is less moisturizing, but still very nice. It has a light honey scent that is perfect, and goes on smooth. I wear this to bed.

Chapstick recommendations

About 8 years ago, I came home from the MAGIC fashion convention with a fancy designer lip balm that was perfect. Jericho was 2, and upon opening my purse and finding this treasure, he smeared it all over the carpet until nothing was left in the tube. I saw the aftermath, fell to my knees, and cried.
I cried real tears over it. That is how much I love lip balm.
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Can shorts be too short?
I don't think so.. What do you think? Too short?
[I am wearing: retro Abercrombie athletic shorts, and A&F floral t-shirt.]

I meant to wait a week to post another 'scorn' related entry, but I wanted to wear short shorts for the first day of summer vacation. Don't know what I'm talking about?

Also, I have decided for this summer, I will no longer wear bras. I hate them with passion, so why the hell should I wear them?
I wear bikini tops instead, as they are soft, allow for movement, and provide a more natural silhouette. I also want the support without the sweaty, suffocating underwire and elastic straps digging in to my back and chest.
I love the idea of looking like I just got out of the pool or came in off the beach.

Day one

31 May 2012 11:57 pm
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I woke up with only 2 hours of sleep, and in pain! (Its not okay, I'm gonna have wrinkles!)
I didn't want to go back to sleep, and I wasn't working, so I went shopping.
I bought a new pillow - I really needed it, as mentioned before, I've been waking up with headaches and severe neck pain for weeks.
Its crazy how something like having a fluffy pillow can really make such a difference.
I'm very particular about pillows and pillowcases, seeing as my face is buried in them for up to 8 hours at a time..

I also dropped by the used bookstore on the way back, but didn't buy anything.
I didn't know Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series had like, 14 books. Yeeesh! I started reading these when I was wee little, and book 9 was the last one I picked up, a few weeks back.
Yeah, I read dorky fantasy books.
BTW, I finished American Gods by Neil Gaiman last week, while sunbathing. I decided I liked it.

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