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And the rain is brain-colored.
And the thunder sounds like something remembering something.

New friends and/or lurkers are always welcome. ❤

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, 1920s, a perfect circle, abandoned places, alexander mcqueen, alice in wonderland, amusement, angst, anime, anthropology, antiques, art, artifice, astrology, awkward moments, baroque, baroque music, beauty, beauty marks, behaviorism, being alive, being scared, biology, birds, black phoenix alchemy lab, blank looks, books, bpal, cake, candles, candy, cloud formations, coffee, cognitive psychology, conversations, corsets, cosplay, creepypasta, crosses, cryptozoology, cursing, dancing, debate, details, drawing, dread personae, dreams, dressage, drifting aimlessly, drinking, drunken brawls, dubstep, dune, ebay, ecology, egl, elaborate headdresses, etsy, evolution, existentialism, fabric, fairy decora, fairy kei, fantasy, fashion, fashion design, fashion illustration, fever ray, final fantasy, flappers, flora, folklore, gaming, general semantics, ghosts, glitter, good food, heavy silences, hellsing, history, howl's moving castle, iamx, inappropriate comments, inside jokes, insulting slaps, irony, james blunt, jewelry, kuroshitsuji, las vegas, laughing, lemons, letters, licking, linguistics, literature, lolita, long pretty hair, macarons, magic the gathering, makeup, manga, masked balls, morbidity, moss, mythological creatures, mythology, nail polish, nanowrimo, narcissism, newts, nice ink pens, nice smelling things, nightlife, nostalgia, overdressing, pagan religions, pastel colours, pastries, perception, perfume, period films, philosophy, photography, pirates, poetry, ponds, portishead, pouncing, precognition, pretty eyes, princess mononoke, project runway, quotations, rain, ranting, reading, reality, red mango, religion, rococo, rude remarks, sarcasm, satirical wit, savvy, scandal, science, science fiction, scp-087b, semiotics, sewing, sexy accents, shiba inu, shirking responsibilities, shoes, shojo manga, shopping, short skirts, silent hill, silk, simplicity, skipping, smirking, sneaking, sneering, sociobiology, sociology, spending money, square enix, squishing bugs, staring, steampunk, stockings, storms, survival horror, sushi, sword fighting, systems thinking, tea, telling preposterous lies, the colour green, the ocean, the scp foundation, the shins, tokyo fashion, top hats, travel, traveling, trivial things, vampire hunter d, vicious cycles, victorian clothing, video games, vincent valentine, vogue, water, whispering, wind, winking, writing
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