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I ate a spicy hot pepper on a dare and it hurts my stomach.. Waaaaahhhhhh!! I shouldn't have done it! I should have known better! Damn you Cherry! Damn you and your evil fried pepper!

Olive called to tell me that she got engaged while on vacation in Hawaii last week. I'm happy for her. I honestly can't see myself ever getting married - so maybe I'll make her a really awesome couture wedding dress and live vicariously through her.

I had the day off, so I'm spring cleaning, in other words, throwing out / giving away everything that I don't need to survive. I am pleased with this - its a good sort of destruction. Most of my belongings are in boxes and suitcases already, so the mess is a little more controlled.

I have started the next book on my reading list, Choke by Chuck Palahniuk. I'm enjoying it.
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So, the boys are trying to impress one another by saying tongue twisters to a recording device. I overhear Jericho say, "Peter Piper pecked a pickle"
And because I'm the mature adult in this house, I totally burst into laughter.

I bought a box of Girl Scout cookies outside of the grocery store today, because this little girl followed me with big sad eyes, pleading, "Please!"
It says that these suckers are a whopping 160 calories (70 from fat, 5g of saturated fat) per serving.
SO, I will limit myself to 4 cookies a day, and feel bad for eating them.
I've been trying to get into shape, instead I'm eating tons of candy, ice cream, and cookies. SIGH.
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Today I punched the poor beau in the stomach. Harder than I had meant to. I immediately felt bad.
I believe I had mentioned upfront that I wasn't very girly, but sometimes my behavior is appalling even to myself.
Je suis vraiment désolé Scott. S'il vous plaît pardonnez-moi.

I've been busy culling the weaker pieces from my 2013 FW Collection. I called Ernest to talk about the beading on a few particular items and possibly drafting something of his own inspiration. All I heard was his wailing, "I've been planting cactuses FOREVER. ALL OVER THE PLACE. The tire on the wheelbarrow is totally flat! I thought this would take 2 hours, but NO, THERE ARE STILL CACTUSES EVERYWHERE."
LOL! I told him to call me back when he was done.

I think some of the last storm clouds that had been hovering overhead have finally cleared out.
The weather was so lovely today. The frozen world is melting, and the lamb has become more sapient drinking of the spring.
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"Are you afraid of me?"
"Why would I be afraid of you?"
"I'm not sure, that's why I asked."

I think its really funny when a guy answers a question with another question - that doesn't answer my question.
Talking in circles = communication FAIL = really funny. Maybe this is why I'm an artist.
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Scott - tu me dois un appel téléphonique lorsque vous avez fini de se masturber.
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YouTube interview of a friend, one of the questions asked was, "TITS or ASS?"
To which he laughed, and said "Neither, how about FACE, cause that is what you talk to and wake up next to."
I was pleased with this answer.
Apropos for my extreme level of maturity, I couldn't help but picture waking up with your FACE next to ASS.. though how one would get themselves into that sort of situation without lots and lots of alcohol, is something I can't really fathom.
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I heard some sound relationship advice from television (this rarely happens).
-- You should marry someone who looks sexy when disappointed.
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What the hells that 'sposed to mean?

I finally finished that fox collar.

I finally finished the FOX COLLAR OF AWESOMENESS!

I love my puppy.

Katie approves of it.
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I've gotten surprisingly vicious on this dating website.
I've deleted all but 4 messages in my inbox. (I had a few hundred)
One from someone I really really like, but I imagine we have reached an impasse and are unable to focus on a relationship. Despite this, I daresay I'm smitten.
One from a childhood friend, who messaged me when I showed up on his matches - He wrote "LOL, What's up?" To which I replied, "Shut up."
And two from local artists and photographers that sound like decent connections to keep.
UPDATE - I simply shut down my profile, there was no use for it anymore.

I've been sewing beads on to collars for several hours straight every day, all this week. The first collar, being the trial-and-error piece, caused me some grief. I misplaced one of the eyes, by about 3mm. I realized my mistake after I had finished beading the entire face, and after careful deliberation of whether or not I wanted this fox to look exceptionally derpy, I decided to fix it.
Then I was faced with the dilemma. I didn't want to tear out the surrounding beads, as the string would have undone a great deal of work I didn't want to remove and redo. So I broke them away instead, leaving the string beneath. Glass beads are easy to shatter with pliers or sturdy scissors.
I moved the eye, and only lost a few beads in the process.
I really really love this piece, and can't wait for it to be finished. I contacted a few photographers about taking some pictures for my portfolio and for my store, next week.

January is coming to a close, and I feel like this has been one of the best starts to a new year I could have asked for.
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Fabric Shopping *** What I'm working on today.

This has been my life for the last few weeks. I have a pretty vicious TO DO list to finish this month if I want to be on schedule for world domination in 2 years.
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Haha, so on the discussion of "Why do rich people dress like bums?"
We came to the conclusion that the behavior of throwing money away on depreciating assets such as cars and clothes is what seperates the millionaires from the rest of society.

"People with money who are not the asshole noveau riche, i.e., who are comfortable in their own skins, don't give one good goddamn what twerps like you or other shallow wannabes think.

They wear what they want when they want, and the old line rich do not generally ever put their money into cars -- they consider this vulgar -- but rather spend what money they spend on their estates, although also never in a showy, vulgar way.

Now, yacht salesman have LONG known this, and would never turn away a no socks wearing, courduroy pants guy, as they KNOW how the old line rich habitually dress.

Many, many noveau riche (I can't help but think of large swatches of New Jersey when I think of same) have more newly acquired money than taste, are still the same vulgar and insecure assholes they were before acquiring some money by being relentless assholes, and so NEED to impress other shallow asswipes with their bling -- which, apparently, is the only metric of supposed personal worth that these twerps understand."
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[personal profile] alice789: That's the one, methinks.  Starts out a bit weak, but that drop is what gets the pussy.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy?
[personal profile] alice789: FOR DAYS.
[personal profile] astah: i don't get it...
[personal profile] alice789: Shut up, I'm an elegant lady.
[personal profile] astah: gets the pussy for days?

I have sworn an oath that 2013 will be the BEST YEAR OF MY LIFE.
My New Years Resolution is: To become rich and famous. (world domination will have to wait until next year)

I was adding things to my resolution list when this inner voice said, "I have so much to do that I barely have time to sleep. I'll do it later."
And then I really thought about it. When? When is later? And why did I think that later would be any different than right now?
There will never be more than 24 hours in a day. And there will always be a full menu of obligations and diversions to fill in those hours. That will never change.
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[White and silver holo glitter, & OPI clear top coat]

Snowy nails for the winter holiday! Woot.
I like how this could almost pass for french tips at a distance. Its subtle and simple.

I have a tradition (since Jericho was born) of buying one fancy ornament every Christmas - photos of my new ornament will come later when I actually have my tree up and decorated (because I don't).

I'll be spending the next three weeks painting and sorting out my life! Everything is CHAOS!

My new ornament.


12 December 2012 11:34 pm
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I think the Mayans were predicting the day Twitter would explode with "nothing happened" sarcasm.
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Combining two of my great loves, MLP and DUBSTEP.

Furk yeah. I am absolutely obsessed with this song :

So I'm staying in Las Vegas for an indeterminate amount of time, and as unhappy as I am at this change of relocation plans, there's very little I can do about the matter. Such is life.
I've spent the last few weeks unpacking and I'm resuming my goals of making it to Fashion Week in 2013. I will be returning to my regular schedule of posts and pictures soon.
Good news - [personal profile] astah purchased a fancy fashion textbook I had been dying for, and it arrived at my doorstep yesterday. I'm a happy girl.

I went through a typical drastic physical appearance makeover for the year.
I am tired of the pasty pale look that is in vogue now. A bottle of Jergens Natural Glow Express Moisturizer is my good friend this winter.
I've been reincorporating black pieces of clothing into my wardrobe, even though I dislike wearing that colour these days. I'm still sticking to pastels, muted tones and cream white. And for the first time in my life, I prefer gold metallics to silver.
I also cut my hair, several inches off the bottom. Nobody seemed to notice.
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Autumn ombré nails.
It is surprisingly easy to accomplish this effect, and has earned me many compliments.
Ombré nails!  Happy Thanksgiving!
[Shisem gold polish base with a dash of orange and red fine holo glitter.]
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These are originally photos [personal profile] astah took (or had taken) while he lived in Guangzhou. I selected and edited a few. The album on my Flickr can be found here. ✰✰✰

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012

Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012Michael in Guangzhou, China 2011-2012
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I was going through old photos from the last few years, and found this one, one of my favourites.
Remember face painting?
[I am wearing: Abercrombie & Fitch navy t-shirt, Hollister white skort, Metropark wood saint bracelet, and kitty ears.]

What suits the Abercrombie & Fitch image better than tacky face painting and cosplay cat ears?
YEAH TAKE THAT, Abercrombie! PBBT!! Don't know what I'm talking about?
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This is what I woke up to. Seriously?

I wake up to this!!  0_o

*・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'( 0_o )'・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*
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I posted a photo of my German class, with our teacher Frau Edwards, back in September.
I found out today that she was onboard one of the planes that crashed in the 9/11 disaster, and is no longer with us.

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