2 May 2013

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My thoughts have been quiet recently. Its the sound of walking on dry leaves. Its kismet.

There's this running joke, that when I'm asked a question, I answer No - especially when its inappropriate.
"What are you drinking?" "No."
"What's your name?" "No."
My friends send me messages like "What are you up to?" and I reply with No. They seem to think its funny.

I'm a private person, so I am also fond of telling preposterous lies.
"What do you do?" "I'm a Princess."
"Where do you live?" "In a castle."

I go out alone sometimes, because I don't want to go home. I have a single drink and sit by the stone fireplace with my legs curled up in front of me.
When the dj starts, I get up and dance alone. I close my eyes and feel the music. It drowns out everything and everyone. Its a small sort of happiness.
I don't talk to anyone if I can help it, unless one of my childhood friends find me. (its happened a few times, its a small world)
It actually really offends me when guys approach me - I'm not there to meet men at a bar. How fucking dare they hit on me. I'm a lot meaner than I look.
I go home alone. I like being alone.
Being alone is better than being with the wrong person.


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